Glenn’s Health Update – (lung nodule)

So I got a call from the cancer doctor which isn’t my favorite type of phone call to answer. Cancer doctors rarely call you just to have a pleasant chat. One of the existing nodules in my lungs has doubled in size and this may be due to an energetic cancer cell travelling from the rectal area into the lung. I will be having a biopsy to see if this is cancer in the lung. Potential treatments may include surgery, radiation or more fun time chemotherapy.

Nothing is certain regarding the lung cancer situation but if it is cancer it is probable that it can be eliminated at this time or at least controlled to put it into a long remission. I try not to let this type of happy news get me down because I have had worse news in my lifetime and life is too short to waste it moping around over my situation. Why waste the time you have left?

My faith is in Jesus who is capable of healing me one way or another. In the long run we will all die and he is the only one capable of raising a person from the dead. Since my sins have been forgiven by him I have faith that my resurrection will be a good experience.

Keep me in your prayers.


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