About #GlennsWays

My family at my son’s graduation.

The short story is that I grew up on a Dairy farm in Wisconsin, became a professional engineer and married a hot mafia babe from Milwaukee.  My name is written in the Lamb’s book of Life and I was Time Magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year.  My cat loves me.  I have a lot of mileage on me and I am not as quick on the draw but I am more tenacious than I used to be.   That’s a reasonable approximation of the truth.

The purpose of #GlennsWays is to enhance your life.  We provide news and insightful opinion on Technology, Politics, Religion, Science and Gardening.  Occasionally we have better quality items for sale.  Glenn’s Way is based on my life experience and my books for sale are listed on my Amazon author’s page Glenn’s Books for Sale.  Get my FREE book Glenns Low Budget Tech Survival Guide .

I am an imperfect Christian, married with two children and a former Professional Engineer . Traveled around the United States and Canada for engineering work at dairy plants and pharmaceuticals.  Grew up on a dairy farm with a large garden and fruit trees.  I am a farm boy at heart trapped in the city by circumstance.  I have cancer and Crohn’s disease but they haven’t killed me yet.  I am attempting to die of extreme old age.

I like Technology, Gardening, Glass Bottle Crafts, Science, Johnny Cash, Animals of all types, Collecting tools, Packers Football and spending time with my family sometimes.  I dislike  riding in small planes, Cancer, filling out bureaucratic forms and busybodies.  I would be quite happy if I never had to travel again anywhere for any reason.

Any quotes from the Bible on this website generally use the NIV version unless I like the KJV better.  Consult your local clergy if you need to check the accuracy of anything I say regarding religion.  There is not any organized religious group that endorses anything I say about various Bible verses. Hopefully you will be encouraged to pursue studying the Bible yourself.

Graduated from Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Worked at the Sellnow Dairy farm, Wurtz Specialty Ice, Lindberg Industrial Furnaces/Ovens, APV Crepaco (Dairy/Food/Nuclear) and Seiberling Associates (Dairy/Pharmaceutical).   The most entertaining engineering project that I worked on was at the Dannon Yogurt company in Ft. Worth, Texas.  I am now retired due to severe illness but I am trying to enjoy life.

The information content in this blog is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of qualified practicing professionals. Following the ideas in this blog can only be done at your own risk and should never be attempted without consulting someone who knows exactly how to get a job done.  Referenced blogger links may not necessarily represent my opinion or have a professional license in their area.  I no longer hold a professional engineering license in the state of Wisconsin because I am retired and I am too frugal to keep up the yearly payments.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for assistance.  You can also Contact Glenn  if I can help you in any way. #GlennsWays


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