Prednizone time

Got a new medication Prednizone.  Doesn’t look like much in the bottle and it’s cheap.  Could have side effects if used too long but hopefully it will solve short term Crohn’s issues. Might improve the holidays anyways.


Opportunity is Knocking.

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

Galatians 6:10 NIV

Someone once told me that it’s not a problem.  It’s an opportunity!  I didn’t really like or respect him at the time but he was right on this one issue.  The world is filled with opportunities of all kinds even when everything appears bleak. Don’t give up and ask God for help in Jesus name. God has helped me so he can surely help you.

North Korea is a real problem.

My Grandfather in WWI
My Grandfather on left in WWI

Can the rest of the world safely ignore North Korea?  Most people would like it to just go away and not bother them.  Maybe it will just go away.  What if it doesn’t?

North Korea is ruled by an unpredictable nut case who oppresses his own people and has nuclear weapons.  Maybe North Korea is just bluffing with a show of military force however it may also be trying to sell nuclear weapons to countries like Iran.  Nuclear weapons do not even need a missile delivery system to hit the United States or our allies.  Weapons could simply be put on any common ship and detonated by a religious suicide crew next to a major city anywhere in the world.  Smaller atomic weapons could be transported inland to any large population center so no place is safe from instant total destruction.

I am not a total pacifist but I think that military action should be avoided when possible.  Conventional diplomacy has not worked to stop North Korea from making nuclear weapons and  the leaders there are not terribly worried about anything the United States and its allies do.  Why should they respond positively to anything we say or do?  It appears to me that the one thing North Korean leaders want is respect at any cost.  They are also afraid of any foreign ideas entering their country that will reduce their control over their people.

We should publicly give North Korea more respect because it doesn’t cost us anything.  The recent petty words from our President are counter productive.  Public threats of force are not useful however we need to be militarily prepared for any new reality and our public needs to be informed that we have the military capability to deal with anything North Korea does.

Our immediate practical goal is to stop the use or spread of nuclear weapons or knowledge of how to produce these weapons.  Stopping knowledge of weapon production is very difficult or impossible because knowledge can be carried in a person’s head without any physical items.  Iran will almost certainly develop nuclear weapons and I think it will eventually be a more serious threat than North Korea because it contains many religious fanatics.  North Korean leadership may be nuts but elements in Iran are actively trying to kill people right now.  We should be able to stop the transportation of any physical items like bombs or the items needed to manufacture them outside of North Korea but this should be done quietly using whatever physical force is needed.  It is not necessary to publicly humiliate the leadership of North Korea during operations of this nature because it serves no good purpose.

We should find ways to increase cultural interactions with the North Korean people and leadership.  This includes education, sports, religion and positive interactions on a personal level of any kind.  North Korean leadership really hates Christian missionaries because they do not want their people to realize that there are other ways of thinking.  It is nearly impossible for a Christian missionary to work in North Korea but when North Koreans leave their country for cultural interactions they may be open to new ideas.  I doubt that anything positive of this nature will happen in my lifetime but we should make the attempt when an opportunity arises.




Ella the visiting cat fell off balcony.

My Cat Princess
My Cat Princess

Our visiting cat Ella fell from the second floor open stairway.  Fortunately cats always land on their feet without any damage.  Still it was quite exciting seeing her fall.  She is quite alright and running around playing now.  Hopefully this will teach her to stop falling asleep on the railing.


Inflammation from Crohn’s in Intestine

Glenn's Way

So I got some test results back that say I have inflammation in my intestine from Crohn’s disease but there is no infection.  I will get a much heavier dosage of Remicade starting Tuesday so I hope it works quickly.  I would have had a new higher dosage last Wednesday but the hospital ran out of the stuff and didn’t anticipate that the doctor would order the higher dosage.  Had the intravenous needle inserted and a bag of saline started before they figured out they didn’t have enough Remicade.  That’s one way to waste an afternoon.

I actually lost a little weight from my vast bulk probably due to the inflammation.  The amount of medication needed is based on your weight.  I suspect the doctors may put me on a liquid diet for a while if the new Remicade dosing doesn’t work quickly.  I can tell that I have inflammation because it feels like the devil is poking a pitchfork in my rear end every time I have a bowel movement.  Remicade treatment is a lot better than any surgical alternatives if the stuff finally kicks in and starts working.