God can beat my Cancer. Update.

I have Cancer but I believe God is stronger than any cancer.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Someone asked me if I still had Crohn’s disease which made me chuckle a little.  God can heal Crohn’s as well as Cancer.

I had the elders of my Church pray for me and anoint me with oil.  I had never done this before but it was an uplifting experience.  I believe God can cure any disease directly at once or by guiding the minds and hands of doctors.  Many diseases in the Bible were cured quickly although Paul appeared to have some type of ailment that didn’t appear to be cured.

The initial plan is more tests followed by radiation and Chemotherapy.  I believe the people already praying for me is more than has ever prayed for be before in my lifetime.  I never reject anyone’s prayers to God through Jesus for myself so anyone’s prayers are welcome.

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Living with Crohn’s.

cover of Crohn's

Waiting to take more medical tests and waiting for results on other tests. MRI written results seemed a bit complex for me to understand easily which I did not find encouraging.  Usually you like any disease you have to be be simple and boring rather than having complex terms used to describe it. One surgeon said it looks bad but it doesn’t look cancer bad.  Cancer can’t be ruled out until after the biopsy but the best surgeon available said that it doesn’t look like cancer so far.  Not having any cancer would be a great answer to prayer so keep praying for me.

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Health Update.


My MRI  showed a fissure and two flaps of flesh which will require a biopsy to see if they are cancer.  I will be having that done soon combined with a colonoscopy.  The fissure and flaps make it difficult for me to sit down or go to the restroom so I guess something will need to be done with them surgically after the biopsy.  Praying for no abnormal cells anywhere.  Thanks for everyone’s prayers.




MRI time.

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Had my MRI scan for my rectum this week and I am waiting for results.  I am privileged to live in a country with this technology and to have insurance that pays the massive bill.  Look at the many people living in third world countries without access to good medical care.  I hope the tests don’t show any type of new disease or anything that needs aggressive correction.  It may not be Crohn’s disease this time according to one of the doctors who did a physical examination of me but I hope he is wrong.

God can heal all diseases but I have seen from reality and the Bible (Apostle Paul) that not all diseases are healed.   I believe that prayer with faith has power and it should be exercised.  Jesus may choose to explain why everything is the way it is when we talk it over in heaven after this life but I leave that in his hands.  I appreciate everyone’s prayers.