What’s for sale on Glenn’s Way?

Glenn & Judy

I plan to write a few e-books on gardening, frugal living and my personal experiences  provided I live long enough.  Books allow me to include more controversial material that would never be accepted in a public WordPress blog.  Crohn’s disease may keep me flat on my back half the time but my mind still actually works at least part time.  I plan to offer these e-books for sale at a modest price on Glenn’s Way.  I doubt that this will be a get rich quick scheme for me but I hope someone will profit from my experiences.

I would like to eventually continue my hobby of glass bottle modifications for planters and similar items.  I am not terribly prolific in this area but eventually I may have some offered for sale on Glenn’s Way.

Propagating native fruits, succulents and similar plants is another hobby of mine.  These will also be offered for sale on Glenn’s Way when I build up a small surplus.  Bonsai starter plants combined with modified glass bottles are another possibility.

Currently I have bigger fish to fry so there may be a delay in the implementation of the future enterprises listed above.  I will keep my readers updated as the situation improves.



What should we do about Guns?


Allowing children to be shot and killed in schools by disturbed individuals needs to be prevented.  Existing gun laws should be enforced and meaningful modifications should be made to gun laws at a national level.  Every large gun free school zone is an easy target at this time because there is no defense against an armed intruder with any type of weapon.

Making all guns illegal for all law abiding sane citizens is not going to happen in the United States within my lifetime.  We need to do practical things.  The appearance of some types of guns may be intimidating but that does not necessarily mean they should be illegal.  The number of shots a gun can fire without reloading is what makes mass killings using guns possible.  The dangerous appearance of a gun does not make it more deadly.  Even new AR-15’s could be legally limited physically to a lower number of bullets at any one time.  It is understandable that the survivors of the horrible murders at the Florida school would be grieving and want a ban on all guns.  Instead I believe that modifications to our national gun laws are the correct thing to do.

Assault rifles can be made that are no more deadly than hunting rifles or revolvers  by simply limiting their capacity.  The term assault rifle just describes the appearance of a weapon.  New guns of any appearance could be limited to a certain number of shots without reloading to decrease their deadliness in the hands of mass killers.  This type of legislation may reduce future killings however a crazy person with intelligence can always find a way to break the law or use an alternate method of killing people.  In addition, immediate confiscation of all existing high capacity guns would be difficult and a black market would be created.

All large schools should have at least one trained qualified guard armed with a high capacity gun to prevent large numbers of confined children from being killed by someone with a gun or some other type of weapon such as an improvised explosive device.  Some carefully background checked teachers could be offered equivalent training in firearms and allowed to carry a concealed weapon under the right conditions for the purpose of defending students.  Not all teachers would be suitable to this task but a potential intruder could never be sure which teacher is armed.  Allowing some carefully trained teachers to conceal carry would allow smaller schools to have a defense against dangerous intruders.

Guns are not the only way to kill people but they are the easiest.  Improvised explosive devices, poison, vehicles used to run over crowds and other methods need to be reviewed because some nut may try to do them.  I think that any significantly large school should also have a K9 trained to detect bombs, detect guns in lockers and bring down an armed intruder.  We are living in an age of terrorism and terrorists may also attack schools because they have seen how it affects our society.  Complete gun free zones at some large schools for regular civilians only may be acceptable but there must be some type of defense capability when children or anyone is being forced to go into a confined area with many other people.

I think that modifications to gun laws at this time should initially be concentrated on modifying the physical shooting characteristics of new guns.  Reducing the magazine capacity or the time between when each bullet can be fired would limit the ability of crazy people to kill people with that new type of gun.  Old higher capacity guns would eventually wear out naturally so draconian confiscation would not be necessary.

Even a low capacity gun can be used to kill a person but there are also other ways to kill people.  Even if we did outlaw the possession of all guns, people would still kill other people using some other method.  Mental health needs to be addressed and the role of social media in promoting violence.  Lots of people owned guns where I grew up but there was never any mass violence.  I even recall a firearm demonstration of a muzzleloader at our school and there was no hysteria.  Today it is different because parts of our society have changed their value system and extreme points of view combined with bullying or other problems have caused people to act out violently.


Crohny issues with my guts.

Random person with gut problems.

I think I may have a stricture in my intestine that will require surgery eventually.  Put myself on a liquid diet with some stool softeners today to see if the painful clog will go away.  I have had strictures before and this is behaving exactly like these prior situations.  The pain is easily tolerated at this time so hopefully everything will just go away for the time being.  I’ll get it looked at by the Doctor at a more convenient time unless it gets worse.  Crohn’s strikes again.


The day the chip failed.


The new credit/debit chip cards seem to have a high failure rate and they can’t be trusted to work when you need them.  My wife had two fail in the past several months at inopportune moments.

I sent my wife and younger son to the crowded Walmart grocery store by themselves because I was just too tired to go.  My wife bought a large amount of groceries and attempted to pay with the chip card.  Naturally the chip didn’t work and she did not have another method of payment with her at the time.   She next tried the ATM in Walmart using the same chip card to get money to pay for the thawing groceries.  The ATM locked up with an error signal and she could not get her card out.  The electric cart she uses to shop in Walmart also got hooked on the ATM slightly at some point during all the fun times.  Walmart personnel came to the rescue and at least retrieved the offending chip card.  They rolled the cart of packed groceries to customer service to figure out what to do next.

My son drove back to get me while my wife waited with the melting groceries at Walmart.  Fortunately my debit chip card worked and we were able to get the big load of groceries home before any real damage was done.  A little excitement in otherwise humdrum day would be my thoughts.  My wife had an alternate opinion on the days proceedings.  I guess the moral of the story is always have two methods of payment and never trust a chip.


Space needs to pay for itself.


The United States needs less space exploration at the expense of the taxpayer and more space exploitation for profit. Sending humans to Mars is wrong at this time because we should use that same money to establish near earth space infrastructure that can support for profit opportunity in the near future.  Look at the human moon landings as the example of a not for profit enterprise controlled by the government and paid for with taxpayer dollars.  We landed a few humans on the moon in a heroic fashion at great cost and risk.  In return for this great effort we received a short temporary boost in our national pride and a few moon rocks.   We should have established a permanent nuclear powered base on the moon at that time for industry, mining, research and military purposes instead of just collecting a few rocks that are really not that critical.  We should not repeat this same mistake with an expensive human Mars landing as proposed by the current U.S. administration.

Robots can explore Mars and the outer solar system more efficiently and safer than any human can.  Mining our moon and any asteroids we can relocate to near earth orbit has a greater potential for real profit in the near term.  A nuclear powered electromagnetic mass driver built on the moon could send large amounts of processed or raw lunar material  into orbit around the earth.  Space based solar power collection systems could be built with these materials and the resulting power sent to earth based collection systems via microwave transmission.  These solar power systems could eventually eliminate the need for any dangerous nuclear plants or dirty fossil fuels on earth.  Global climate change due to human CO2 emissions from fossil fuels would be unnecessary.  In addition large space based systems could be built that could modify the climate on earth if it is disrupted by nature.

Pride and glory are the primary reasons humans want to put their first footprint on Mars.  The vast bulk of people on earth would not be helped by putting humans on Mars.  Why not let cheap AI controlled robots go explore Mars instead?  No one cares if a robot dies in a slow motion horrible accident.  Why not put more taxpayer dollars into near earth space industry infrastructure that will help the people living on this planet?    Space industry of this type would create many new jobs on earth and improve the immediate quality of life for everyone.  Capitalism in space needs this type of infrastructure to make a profit.