Don’t fall asleep in your car.

I fell asleep in my car a few weeks ago waiting for my son and apparently I look like I'm dead when I am asleep.  I woke up to an off duty paramedic banging on the car window and getting ready to smash it in.  I have been told by people that it is difficult … Continue reading Don’t fall asleep in your car.


Prednisone works for my Crohn’s flare.

Prednisone has kept me out of the hospital for the holidays.  It really works to stop the severe pain and other issues that I was having from Crohn's inflammation.  Hopefully the increased dosage of remicade will be the longer term fix for the next decade. Apparently you have to taper off from Prednisone gradually but … Continue reading Prednisone works for my Crohn’s flare.

I never expected to live this long.

I have reached the final age bracket.  I enter many sweepstakes and I have just noticed that when they ask your approximate age, I am in the 55 plus category.  There isn't any age group above mine.  Even my cat is called a senior cat by the veterinarian. Seriously, I never expected to last this … Continue reading I never expected to live this long.

Crohn’s Disease Testing Nauseates Me.

  Before the doctors can increase my Remicade infusion frequency the insurance needs to be sure it will help me. Insurance companies don't like to spend $17,000 - $23,000 every six weeks for my remicade infusions.  I sympathize with the insurance company because I don't like going to infusions for the next twenty years even … Continue reading Crohn’s Disease Testing Nauseates Me.

How to Win the Job Interview

I have been through many job interviews in my life. Most of them were very educational and a few even resulted in a job.  In highschool I applied for two different jobs and was relatively successful at both. I can still remember my supervisor at Wurtz Specialty Ice in Mayville singing "Everyone has got to … Continue reading How to Win the Job Interview

Kung Fu at a Dairy Plant Renovation

Martial arts has always been an attraction for both of my sons. My older son studied Jiu Jitsu in college and my younger son is currently taking Judo. I also like martial arts. The only things preventing me from taking Judo classes with Tony is that it looks like a lot of hard physical work … Continue reading Kung Fu at a Dairy Plant Renovation

Sparse blogging by Glenn.

Haven't been doing much blogging lately.  My wife is recovering from hip surgery and I have been taking care of her.  The results of the hip surgery have been very good.  She may not be dancing the jitterbug but she can at least walk with the aid of a walker again and the hip joint … Continue reading Sparse blogging by Glenn.

Blogger is dead !

Blogger is dead !  Long live WordPress !  I have stopped making additions to my old blog at Glenn's Way on blogger (old blog) but I will keep it online for reference. I will now blog exclusively on WordPress. The new WordPress blog is a work in progress.