Glenn's Health Update 12/11/2019

I got my PET SCAN results back and the results were mixed. Doctors are fairly certain that the odd area left in my lung after Cyberknife radiation treatment is not cancer but is most probably a type of radiation damage combined with a slight limited type of radiation induced pneumonia. That’s the positive news.

My liver area of the PET SCAN shows a very small abnormality that the doctors are questioning. It does not yet show up as cancer but they think it may be a starter area for metastatic cancer. The plan is to do a MRI on Christmas Eve and take a good look at the liver to see what’s up. Maybe its nothing and that result would work for me. A biopsy would be the next step followed by liver surgery if the MRI shows that the area is some type of cancer trying to start a foot hold.

I have a mild dislike of visiting any type of doctor because they always seem to find some new problem I didn’t know about before the visit. I suppose that’s their job and somebody has to do it. Cancer is certainly inconvenient but it’s a privilege to live in a country that has access to medical care for me because there are lots of people that do not have access. I put all situations in God’s hands and that gives me comfort. God is capable of dealing with anything and I have been in worse situations.

Glenn’s Health Update 11/27/2019 

Glenn’s Health Update 11/27/2019

I received the CT scan results back and they were not really very pretty so the doctors want me to have a PET SCAN to followup. There definitely is something wrong with that area of the right lung even after cyberknife radiation treatment. The PET SCAN will determine which of three medical treatment plans will be used.

Scenario one is that the PET SCAN does not show any cancer. The lung area will then require a biopsy to figure out why it looks so bad. This is my favorite scenario.

Scenario two is that there is cancer in a limited area of the right lung. Surgery will be done to remove part of the lung. This may be followed by chemotherapy as needed.

Scenario three is my least favorite scenario. The PET SCAN shows that cancer has spread further to other areas. Chemotherapy will be used in an effort to stop the spreading.

Previous chemotherapy was not effective because my cancer proved to be resistant to the type of chemo drug used. The next round of chemotherapy would use a different type of drug.

Tests show that my cancer is vulnerable to drugs that suppress the immune system however the same drugs may make my Crohn’s disease cause severe damage to my GI tract and other areas of my body. If cancer doesn’t get me the Crohn’s disease may kill me with that type of treatment. This option is being reviewed and considered as a backup plan.

I believe that Jesus walks with me even if I have cancer. Hopefully scenario one will take place and I can be on my merry way but Jesus can sustain me in any scenario. I have much to be thankful for during Thanksgiving 2019. Not everything in life is pretty but I am fighting a no-lose battle scenario where I will win under any circumstances. Even if I die cancer didn’t win because Jesus said my body will be raised from the dead just like he was resurrected and as testified by the apostles. Everyone dies eventually but those who put their trust in Jesus will win their battles.

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