Glenn’s PET scan update

I had a PET scan to look and see if I had more cancer sites anywhere else. The relatively good news is that the cancer is limited to the original site in the colon and one nodule of the lung. That’s bad but it could be worse. I could have had cancer in several sites right now but the PET scan shows I don’t. The bad news is the cancer likes to spread and will probably colonize new frontiers eventually.

The initial plan of attack is to use laser radiation surgery to burn out the cancer site in the lung nodule. Genetic testing will be used to see if there are any recently developed methods that may be effective in treating my specific type of cancer. A different type of chemo may be used in the near future because my cancer appears resistant to the last chemo I received. The radiation surgery will be done in Milwaukee. Other types of treatments may follow if the cancer gets rambunctious. The oncologist mentioned that he has patients with similar conditions that have lived 10 years with modern treatments and that longer periods of time may be possible with treatment.

God is with me in any condition and this gives me strength. I do not rely on technology but I rely on God. I understand technology and I know just how pathetic it is. God’s word will not fail me or pass away. Technology is only temporary.

Just hope I don’t outlive my one son who is foolish enough to use cigarettes like a chimney belching smoke. May even still get a therapy dog if initial indications are that my lifespan will be sufficient to take care of it and enjoy it. Corgi’s are the best and I may be able to talk Judy into getting one if I play my cards right. Probably get a new Amazon Fire tablet since my old one finally broke down due to rough use. May still have enough time to read some e-books that I have on my TO DO list. My TO DO list is a large computer list that I am constantly updating. Even if I live for 99 years I couldn’t possibly finish all the projects I want to do on that list.


Glenn’s Health Update

So I got the full results from my lung nodule biopsy back and discussed them with the oncologist. I have stage four metastasized cancer that has spread from my rectal area to one nodule of my lung. I have a PET scan scheduled to look at everything closer and make sure no other cancer sites are lurking about.

The most likely plan of treatment is to use laser radiation surgery to kill this new cancer site and any other lung nodule that lights up on the PET scan. Other procedures are also being considered. It may be possible to contain or slow down the cancer. The oncologist referred to the procedure metaphorically as spot welding.

That is not good news but it would be worse if I didn’t have faith in Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Everyone dies and only Jesus can forgive your sins and raise you from the dead.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalms 23:4 KJV

Gust Front Strikes!

Gust front hit us and damaged our house. Totally shattered the back door and storm door. Punctured a hole in the roof and hit the house air conditioner. Looks like the air conditioner survived but time will tell. A gigantic branch broke off and is being held high in the tree by other smaller branches and this may require a tree professional for removal. The damage made a lot of loud noise in the house during the storm. Enough noise that my son stopped playing an online video game! You know it was bad when that happens.

Our super cool relatives cleaned this monstrous mess up for us and repaired most of the damage. We are somewhat incapacitated due to random heart attacks and persisting cancer so it would have taken a lot for us to deal with the effects of this gust front damage.

My wife had a heart attack last week.

My wife had a heart attack last week. She is recovering after a balloon procedure and four stents. I certainly didn’t expect her to have a heart attack but sometimes reality intrudes on our pleasant life. Hopefully she will recover without too many complications.

She was very reluctant to go to the hospital at the first symptoms but eventually she agreed after about an hour of haggling. Fortunately she made it in time. The doctors were first thinking it was a digestive issue but that proved false and it was later confirmed that it was an actual heart attack.

We like to do everything simultaneously in our family to get it done quickly and move on. Heart attacks, Cancer and other worse issues can’t defeat you if Jesus is on your side. Most of any iceberg is underwater but eventually all icebergs melt under the right conditions. Even life and death are under Jesus control in spite of the scoffing of some foolish atheists we know personally. Better to die in his name than live without him.