The day the chip failed.


The new credit/debit chip cards seem to have a high failure rate and they can’t be trusted to work when you need them.  My wife had two fail in the past several months at inopportune moments.

I sent my wife and younger son to the crowded Walmart grocery store by themselves because I was just too tired to go.  My wife bought a large amount of groceries and attempted to pay with the chip card.  Naturally the chip didn’t work and she did not have another method of payment with her at the time.   She next tried the ATM in Walmart using the same chip card to get money to pay for the thawing groceries.  The ATM locked up with an error signal and she could not get her card out.  The electric cart she uses to shop in Walmart also got hooked on the ATM slightly at some point during all the fun times.  Walmart personnel came to the rescue and at least retrieved the offending chip card.  They rolled the cart of packed groceries to customer service to figure out what to do next.

My son drove back to get me while my wife waited with the melting groceries at Walmart.  Fortunately my debit chip card worked and we were able to get the big load of groceries home before any real damage was done.  A little excitement in otherwise humdrum day would be my thoughts.  My wife had an alternate opinion on the days proceedings.  I guess the moral of the story is always have two methods of payment and never trust a chip.



Don’t fall asleep in your car.

Glenn's Way

I fell asleep in my car a few weeks ago waiting for my son and apparently I look like I’m dead when I am asleep.  I woke up to an off duty paramedic banging on the car window and getting ready to smash it in.  I have been told by people that it is difficult to wake me up so this incident confirms it.  Fortunately I was able to convince the good Samaritan that I was fine and didn’t need any emergency services.  I couldn’t afford a broken window and I would look silly driving around with plastic sheeting in place of a window.

Also, its a good thing the window wasn’t open because I tend to attack people in my sleep if they attempt to wake me up or talk to me.  I bet the paramedic would not have been prepared for that and I might have hurt him or myself.

Prednisone works for my Crohn’s flare.


Prednisone has kept me out of the hospital for the holidays.  It really works to stop the severe pain and other issues that I was having from Crohn’s inflammation.  Hopefully the increased dosage of remicade will be the longer term fix for the next decade.

Apparently you have to taper off from Prednisone gradually but there was some type of miscommunication on my prescription so I got the wrong number/dosage of pills.  I was just getting ready to start taking the second week incorrectly when the issue was caught and the prescription was changed to be correct.

This stuff may be cheap and commonly used but it really makes a radical difference for me in the short term.  Hopefully I won’t have to use it long enough to see any bad side effects that some people tell me about on facebook.  I thank God for whoever invented Prednisone.

Secrets are only temporary?

Horse Powered Manure Spreader
Horse Powered Manure Spreader

“What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.”

I have been told to keep many things secret in my lifetime but the information always comes out eventually even if its not from me.  Naturally I get blamed whether I am guilty or not.  There is no permanent vault.  Of course I keep a host of secrets that I would like kept permanently but that is not to be.  Eventually I would like to write an e-book about my life which I could probably make a little bit less mundane by including every semi-secret bit of legally allowed information that I know about myself and others.  Some people might find this offensive if it includes information about them so I am giving fair warning right here not to tell me anything that you don’t want published in a book someday in the future.  I really hate keeping secrets so I am hoping to cut down on the number that I need to keep.  At least a comprehensive e-book will be truthful and it will allow me to make a profit.


I never expected to live this long.


I have reached the final age bracket.  I enter many sweepstakes and I have just noticed that when they ask your approximate age, I am in the 55 plus category.  There isn’t any age group above mine.  Even my cat is called a senior cat by the veterinarian.

Seriously, I never expected to last this long.  I thought something would get me before I got this old.  An infection caused by Crohn’s disease, industrial accident or a plane crash were all likely candidates.  One time a large pipe came loose in a dairy plant and crashed down inches from me like a giant club.  I flew in a small plane many times with a pilot having multiple crashes under his belt.  Poisonous gases have been accidentally released in my vicinity.  An industrial tank nearly exploded by me that would have leveled a city block.  Doctors had been feeding me antibiotics like candy to avoid infections in my GI tract.  I only have one eye working when I drive a car which is kind of exciting.  You think something would have killed me but no I’m still here so far.

Maybe old age will be what finally gets me but you never know.  It’s amazing that my age is grouped together with people that are 60,70,80 plus by these sweepstakes entry pages. Other ages are usually grouped by about 5 to 10 year increments so I feel that I am being unfairly grouped with 80 year old people.  You know what, I bet I could get a senior discount at some businesses now.  Maybe this age bracket is not all bad.

Crohn’s Disease Testing Nauseates Me.


Scarecrow in my garage trying to warn me about Crohn’s disease tests.

Before the doctors can increase my Remicade infusion frequency the insurance needs to be sure it will help me. Insurance companies don’t like to spend $17,000 – $23,000 every six weeks for my remicade infusions.  I sympathize with the insurance company because I don’t like going to infusions for the next twenty years even if they do seem to help my symptoms. I have mentally adapted to infusions because the procedure is starting to become almost routine to me.  There is no way I could pay for these infusions if the insurance didn’t take care of the bill.

In order to justify increased infusion frequency, it is necessary for me to take tests that make me want to vomit.  I have found out by recent experience that my mental threshold for causing vomiting is not that high.  It was necessary for me to get some help with the home tests because I simply couldn’t comply with the repulsive procedure for the home test without making mistakes and a gruesome mess.  I am sure other people can handle it but I just simply can’t do it no matter how hard I try.

The tests rule out any other condition that may be causing any symptom.  So far they are all negative which is a very good thing.  I already have sufficient pills, treatments and procedures for a fun time without adding anything new.