Living with Crohn’s.

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Waiting to take more medical tests and waiting for results on other tests. MRI written results seemed a bit complex for me to understand easily which I did not find encouraging.  Usually you like any disease you have to be be simple and boring rather than having complex terms used to describe it. One surgeon said it looks bad but it doesn’t look cancer bad.  Cancer can’t be ruled out until after the biopsy but the best surgeon available said that it doesn’t look like cancer so far.  Not having any cancer would be a great answer to prayer so keep praying for me.

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Health Update.


My MRI  showed a fissure and two flaps of flesh which will require a biopsy to see if they are cancer.  I will be having that done soon combined with a colonoscopy.  The fissure and flaps make it difficult for me to sit down or go to the restroom so I guess something will need to be done with them surgically after the biopsy.  Praying for no abnormal cells anywhere.  Thanks for everyone’s prayers.




MRI time.

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Had my MRI scan for my rectum this week and I am waiting for results.  I am privileged to live in a country with this technology and to have insurance that pays the massive bill.  Look at the many people living in third world countries without access to good medical care.  I hope the tests don’t show any type of new disease or anything that needs aggressive correction.  It may not be Crohn’s disease this time according to one of the doctors who did a physical examination of me but I hope he is wrong.

God can heal all diseases but I have seen from reality and the Bible (Apostle Paul) that not all diseases are healed.   I believe that prayer with faith has power and it should be exercised.  Jesus may choose to explain why everything is the way it is when we talk it over in heaven after this life but I leave that in his hands.  I appreciate everyone’s prayers.


Medical testing time.

glenn & judy
Glenn & Judy

Getting some medical tests done because I have been having some symptoms that seem like a Crohn’s flare to me.  MRI is next and that should show if there is anything more sinister than Crohn’s lurking about.  One doctor who examined me mentioned the possibility that this could be cancer so I need to take everything seriously.  There is some type of growth that he could see however Crohn’s is notorious for growths and I have been incorrectly told that I have cancer on previous occasions.  Hope it’s just Crohn’s disease acting up.  I hate all these tests but I would hate cancer even more.

Might need some minor surgery.


May need some minor surgery in the near future because antibiotics and other medications are failing to fix the pain in my rump.  Doctors want to do tests first to locate exact problem but I strongly suspect it is another abscess which is just hard to find.  I used to get abscesses every several months until I started taking biologic based meds which cleared it up but these meds eventually lose effectiveness against Crohn’s over a long period of time so they switch you to a new one.  Will probably need to switch to a new medication other than remicade if this is an abscess but it could be something else at this point.  Usually surgery on an abscess is just a day procedure.  Would appreciate your prayers for a quick resolution to this issue and a fast recovery.  Thank you.


New Pain in the Buttock


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Looks like I have an all new kind of pain in the left side of my rump.  Described it to the doctor over the internet and they suspect it may be an abscess related to Crohn’s and I need to go in to see her because that would require some immediate minor surgery.  I used to get a lot of these Crohn’s abscess  before I started taking the biologic type medications so I hope this is not going to be a recurrence of those fun times.  This pain seems a little different from the abscess type pain I experienced during those episodes but I am sure they will test all possibilities.

The alternative  may be that it is a sciatica nerve pain which they will also check.  Either way looks like I’m going in to see a Doctor and get some testing done.