Another Colonoscopy in 6-9 months…..isn’t Crohn’s a blast of fun?

My son named our cat Frederick Engels 

Another Colonoscopy in 6-9 months…..isn’t Crohn’s a blast of fun?  I didn’t have any cancerous polyps in April 2017 but things looked so fascinating to the doctor that she wants to do another colonoscopy within a year to see if everything is hunky dory.  The Crohn’s appears to be kept in check by the Remicade but the doctors always seem to think that cancer lurks in every polyp and I always have at least one to snip out.  In addition I had a single fistulous opening, severe inflammation  and some gross things I won’t mention.  Remicade is not a panacea but things could definitely have been a lot worse for me.  I doubt that my insurance will pay for another colonoscopy so soon unless the doctor gets special permission.  It is good to know that colon cancer on polyps is easily treated if you catch it early but colonoscopies are really a bummer no matter what anyone says.

I suppose I could be more cheerful but I must admit complaining a little bit does make me feel better.  Complaining about an illness is like a cheap medicine so why not indulge in it.   The problem is most people don’t like to listen to you talk about it but don’t worry I write it down for my blog readers education and enjoyment!

Episode of Shivering in a 72 degree house.

I haven’tGlenn had one of these shivering episodes in a very long time. Felt like I was freezing in a 72 degree F house. I always keep the house rather warm because I can’t tolerate a chill. Don’t know if it was Crohn’s related but I hope this doesn’t become a common pattern for me. Couldn’t do anything but collapse into bed for about an hour with a mound of blankets over me. Now it feels like someone gave me a working over with their fists. Maybe it was just the onset of the flu and I am starting to feel better now.

Does anyone else with Crohn’s experience these types of episodes? Leave a comment if you do.


How to Prevent Crohn’s Disease … article review.

Dr Mercola’s website has a lot of good information about Crohn’s disease and general health.  True prevention of Crohn’s is difficult because the exact cause is not clearly understood as Dr Mercola says in the article link at the end of this post. Your medical condition is unique and you should follow the advise of your doctor but you could mention the ideas on Dr Mercola’s website to your doctor.

I have had some lousy doctors and some fantastic doctors for Crohn’s.  My first doctor for Crohn’s symptoms had no clue what I had. After many horrible tests he concluded my best treatment option was to go on a vacation from a stressful job and practice yoga. The problem was totally in my head according to him. Let me say that I have nothing against vacations or yoga.

Finally the pain in my gut got so bad one day that I went straight to his office and told him I was going to die right there in front of him. He proceeded to poke his hand in my belly and I then insisted he send me to a hospital at once. He asked me if I wanted a Taxi, Ambulance or if I wanted to drive. Reeling in pain I managed to mumble that a taxi would probably be OK.

I was unable to get out of the taxi so someone must have wheeled me into the ER. They did some tests and said they thought I had cancer. Surgery was indicated. I didn’t care about any of that until they gave me some morphine so I could tolerate the pain. Sounded pretty bad to me after that. Fortunately it turned out not to be cancer. There are worse things than Crohn’s.

Welcome to new reader from United Kingdom on my blog….

My mother and grandmother

Welcome to the new reader on my blog from the United Kingdom.  I have also read your blog and found the title quite unique.  It is apparent you know all about Crohn’s.  I wish your blog the best of success.  I have included the link below to your blog in case any of my readers want to check it out. Have a great day!

via A Real Pain in the Ass – 24 year old British bird with Crohn’s Disease and way too much to say

Welcome to new reader from Australia….

glennjudyfancy…….Welcome to the new reader from Australia on the blog!  I believe you are the engineer with Crohn’s disease who likes to stay fit according to my statistics page.  I am a former engineer with Crohn’s disease but I don’t think I will ever be fit.  That’s because I am not trying. I followed your blog fitnessandguts because it looks interesting and maybe I will be motivated to get fit.  Thanks for liking one of my posts!

Colonoscopy is over !

IMG_20150612_105419…..Not real bad results and everything went easily.  Grafton Hospital is pretty good.  Doesn’t look like any major surgeries for Crohn’s are in the near future which is a very good thing from my point of view.  Some issues but these may be delayed by escalating the dosing of Remicade from eight weeks to six weeks if my insurance approves.   Insurance company will not like that but life is tough in the insurance business.  Just hope their money holds out.

The major point is no big surgery for me, at least right away.  No alterations to my lifestyle from Crohn’s are imminent so I’m happy.  Delay is the name of the game in Crohn’s because it is a slow acting disease usually.  Everyone’s case of Crohn’s is different so Remicade is not always the answer for everyone but it seems to be helping me even though its expensive.  Ultimately, we all die from something so I figure if I can keep my quality of life for a longer period of time that is a win.  The only complete cure I know of for Crohn’s is death.  It’s more important to get straight with Jesus for the real long run after I no longer have Crohn’s disease.

Colonoscopy Day Today so lets cut off some polyps…..

IMG_0007.JPG ….Crohn’s disease is an opportunity to learn all about colonoscopies because you get to have them all the time even when you don’t want them.  They are especially memorable when the anesthesia is not quite right and you are basically awake for the entire procedure like happened to me a few years ago.  Hopefully, these doctors at Grafton Hospital got their act  together and there is no repeat of that type of entertainment.  They always say the prep is the worst part and that is generally correct unless you are sick for a week afterwards like happens to me just about every time but maybe not for this procedure.   Hopefully, they just snip off a few polyps and that’s it.  Unfortunately, the surgeons always like to cut out a piece of my large intestine in a later procedure because it is beginning to constrict near the small intestine and I am starting to run out of colon to slice up.  Maybe not today but the final end result when you run out of large intestine aren’t that pretty.

There are worse things than Crohn’s disease.  During my first surgery many years ago they told me I had cancer before the surgery which turned out to be false.  When I finally gained something resembling consciousness a nurse told me I had Crohn’s disease.  My response was “What’s that?”.  She said the doctor will explain it and walked away quickly.  I have gone many years without any really bad surgeries that would affect my lifestyle in a permanently negative manner so I hope that streak continues after this procedure.  Long stretches of taking Humira, Remicade and other medicines may have kept my guts in better shape than people used to fare without these medications.

Colonoscopy Preparation Day!

cropped-100_0997-e1488588998256    Yea!  It’s colonoscopy preparation day!  The best part of this day is……well…….it ends eventually.  Got my gatorade, bottle of Miralax and four dulcolax pills ready to take.  Moved my reclining chair next to the restroom to avoid any accidents.  Hope this all goes OK without any medical problems.  I suspect they may find medical issues during the colonoscopy tomorrow because I have been having problems.  I have delayed longer than most Crohn’s patients but I have had good reasons.  Now I just would like to get this over with and find out the results.  Hope to keep my GI tract functioning as God designed with no modifications from some knife happy surgeon.

Pain Medications


via Neanderthal used ‘aspirin’ for tooth pain: study

Scientists believe that Neanderthal man made and used a type of aspirin for pain relief. I think that is fairly impressive for people with limited technology.

My father used to take aspirin for headaches almost every day.  I probably gave him half his headaches. Aspirin and Ibuprofen are wonderful pain relievers and I would love to make use of them.  Unfortunately I can’t take either one because  I will bleed out due to Crohn’s disease if I take NSAIDs.  I take a combination of Tylenol and the mild prescription opiate Tramadol to avoid going insane and snapping at people when I have Crohn’s related issues.  Tramadol seems to deaden your feeling to sharp intense pain  but it does make me a little sleepy if I take it at the same time as my other medications.  I avoid driving any distance when I take Tramadol because it tends to make me a little too relaxed to drive.  Also, you need to be careful not to take too much of Tramadol because it can kill you but so can many other medications if taken incorrectly.

There is currently a heroin epidemic in Milwaukee and many other areas. Apparently, many people began their heroin addiction by abusing prescription opiate related drugs. The solution to the problem that the politicians are starting to consider is to make it more difficult for doctors to prescribe these types of medications to their patients because then they will never develop heroin addiction.  That’s a great solution to prevent heroin addiction unless you are the person who needs the medication constantly for a permanent disease and is now going to be forced to jump through hoops to get your medication.

Politicians should leave medical prescription decisions to doctors until such time as they get a medical license.   So far I haven’t had to jump through too many hoops to get Tramadol other than showing my driver’s license and delivering a script in person rather than having it automatically sent.  I believe that other states have more severe hoops to jump through so I hope that doesn’t become the solution here.  I would recommend giving doctors guidelines to follow rather than forcing all patients into some little box of restrictive laws so that their lives are inconvenienced.

Tramadol has made quite an improvement in my lifestyle capabilities since the doctors prescribed it to me.  Sometimes I actually get to sleep an entire night without being  stabbed awake with some type of sharp pain.  I have been taking it for many years and so far I haven’t had any sudden urges to use heroin.  Not that we shouldn’t help heroin addicts but I don’t believe any laws made by politicians are really going to stop people from using heroin.


Fun with Crohn’s Disease…



03/16/2017  I have decided that I don’t have enough time for Crohn’s disease so I am going to ask it to leave.

02/19/2017  Its almost time for my yearly colonoscopy again which I have promptly about every five years. Got new doctors at Aurora Grafton Hospital this time rather than Froedtert because we have now moved north to Hartford.  Making sure that I have an anesthesiologist present this time because last time I had some significant problems.  Hope to God they don’t find anything that a Doctor considers interesting and that everything is just routine. I really would prefer not to have any additional surgeries.  I don’t have the time for more surgeries and I sure as hell don’t want any.  Maybe remicade is keeping everything under control long enough for some bright doctor to come up with a better long lasting cure or I might just die from something else before I need more surgery.

I don’t want any knife happy surgeon cutting me a new one. I’d like to live the remainder of my life with all my original plumbing basically working normally but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will not be that fortunate. I hate colonoscopies and I think there should be a Trump executive order against the procedure. I would probably be just fine if they would have given me medical marijuana as a treatment. I know I would have a better attitude right now.

12/25/2016 I have found that Crohn’s disease is an incredibly expensive disease.  It’s amazing what my insurance pays for my Remicade and other medications even without any operations.  A rough estimate for medications is $100,000 per year and I plan on living a long time so I hope I can keep that insurance.  I would like to avoid any major operations for as long as possible because the results are not something I like to think about. Crohn’s disease doesn’t usually kill you directly but it can certainly make your like very very uncomfortable.  My father had told me I would be better off dead when I discribed Crohn’s but I think that he was a little excessive.  I would like to stick around for a while because I still enjoy life.

2015 or before:  If you have any symptoms of Crohn’s disease, please read this article from the CDC (center for disease control).

(I can no longer find this link on the CDC website but it used to be there a few years ago. I have quoted a small excerpt below because it appears to match what happened to me.)

The CDC also has a lot of other good information on Crohn’s.
The doctor I had in Illinois when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s was dangerously incompetent and he never checked me for a low B12 level. I had the following symptoms of low B12 from the CDC article after my first operation:
” Common neurologic complaints include paresthesias (with or without objective signs of neuropathy), weakness, motor disturbances (including gait abnormalities), vision loss, and a wide range of cognitive and behavioral changes (e.g., dementia, hallucinations, psychosis, paranoia, depression, violent behavior, and personality changes). Tingling of the hands and feet is perhaps the most common neurologic complaint.2,41,42
The pathology of vitamin B12 deficiency on the nervous system is unknown.7 “
Other parts of the article state that there may be permanent neurologic damage from prolonged low B12. I strongly suspect that I have permanent damage of this nature which can’t be reversed.
At least the Doctors at Froedtert were smart enough to start giving me continuous B12 injections to prevent additional damage.  If your doctor is not checking your B12 get a new doctor quick.