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I added my ebook  Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide to Kindle Unlimited so you can read it for free if you subscribe to this Amazon service. Please leave a review on Amazon if you like the book because this will bump the book up to higher visibility in the Amazon search engine. Thank you.

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Check out my latest book Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide which is live for sale on Amazon.  You can download a free sample from Amazon and the entire book only costs $3.69 .  This book has the details of all the free entertainment that Crohn’s Disease has given me over the last 20 years and how my faith in Jesus Christ has helped me overcome that disease.  It’s worthwhile reading if you have a chronic disease and is good educational material for anyone. You can’t go too far wrong for a price of $3.69 and I personally think it’s a pretty good read even though I am biased.


First Book on Crohn’s Disease

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I am working on my first ebook tentatively titled  Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide.  I intend to write this ebook using Google Documents with conversion software and self publish it on Amazon.  I am not real keen on Microsoft Word so that is why I am using Google Documents.  This ebook will tell about my experiences with Crohn’s which I will try to make as entertaining as possible.  Crohnys should definitely find it amusing and it may give non-Crohnys a glimpse into the ways of Crohn’s disease.  I figure if you have Crohn’s disease anyways you might as well make some type of profit on it.

The ebook is about 25% done but it needs more flesh added to the bare bones and a lot of fine tuning.  Fortunately I can work on my chromebook even when I am waiting at the doctor or laying down in bed because those are the most common places to find me these days.  The ebook kind of writes itself from my memory because some things a person never forgets.  I have never written an ebook before so I doubt it will win any literary prizes but  I am shooting for it to be a fun read with some thought provoking commentary.  I will let you know when it is for sale on Amazon.


Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide

Glenn's Way

The first ebook that I intend to write will be titled Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide.  I intend to publish it on Amazon and sell it for about ten dollars.  I am not professionally qualified to give medical advice on Crohn’s but I can certainly tell other Crohny’s  what happened to me.  In my opinion most doctors I have encountered are not really that well trained to diagnose or treat Crohn’s.  Make sure the G.I. doctor you are seeing has experience with Crohn’s if you even suspect you have this disease.  WEBMD has some good basic information on Crohn’s disease but there is a lot of new research going on.  Many of the symptoms that I have had were not obviously from Crohn’s.

I had never heard of Crohn’s until I woke up from a supposed operation for colon cancer in the hospital.  I was barely conscious when a nurse told me that I didn’t have cancer but I did have Crohn’s disease.  I managed to whisper “What the hell is that?”.  She said that the Doctor would explain everything and then she walked away.  I then lost consciousness again for awhile.

No doctor will ever explain everything about Crohn’s disease to you because it is not totally understood at this time.  Everyone’s case is different but I hope my future Amazon ebook will benefit the reader by giving them some ideas to discuss with their G.I. doctor.  If your G.I. doctor doesn’t listen to you, consider getting a different one preferably in a hospital based clinic that specializes in Crohn’s.

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The Food Network has a Fantasy Kitchen Sweeps with a prize consisting of a $250,000 check.  I don’t know about you but I could sure use that check. Entry is easy and the Food Network is a safe company. The sweepstakes ends April 16, 2018. You can renovate quite a good kitchen for $250,000.

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Description of Items for Sale on Glenn’s Way.

Glenn & Judy

My books for sale are listed on my Amazon authors page Glenn’s Books for Sale .

I plan to write a few e-books on gardening, frugal living and my personal experiences  provided I live long enough.  Books allow me to include more controversial material that would never be accepted in a public WordPress blog.  Crohn’s disease may keep me flat on my back half the time but my mind still actually works at least part time.  I plan to offer these e-books for sale at a modest price on Glenn’s Way.  I doubt that this will be a get rich quick scheme for me but I hope someone will profit from my experiences.

I would like to eventually continue my hobby of glass bottle modifications for planters and similar items.  I am not terribly prolific in this area but eventually I may have some offered for sale on Glenn’s Way.

Propagating native fruits, succulents and similar plants is another hobby of mine.  These will also be offered for sale on Glenn’s Way when I build up a small surplus.  Bonsai starter plants combined with modified glass bottles are another possibility.

Currently I have bigger fish to fry so there may be a delay in the implementation of the future enterprises listed above.  I will keep my readers updated as the situation improves.