Pinterest  to be Linked to Glenn’s Way blog

I plan to upgrade my Pinterest  social media account to include some of my gardening ideas and other interests that I have. There are ways to more completely link Pinterest  to my blog. Some day I plan to sell succulent plants along with crafted bottle planters and display them on my social media accounts. Definitely not a get rich quick scheme but I enjoy doing it and I might make a few pesos. First I need my dependents to become more self sufficient so I have a little time to implement my plan. Second I plan to have the giant lump on my back surgically removed before I get to old to be operated on. Every time I schedule this surgical procedure something interferes with it. Maybe I am just destined to keep my grapefruit sized back bulge.

I see succulent plants, herbs and sophisticated bottle planters for my future provided God is willing. I like gardening but currently I just don’t have the time to do anything good because I am usually too ill or taking care of other people/problems. I definitely need to spruce up our yard before I try to pass myself off as a gardener or no one will buy. We have a nice alcove type window for indoor plants which might be a future option. Unfortunately gigantic trees shade the windows so some supplemental light will be needed. Also, my wife is opposed to any type of plants in the house because she is worried about insects and allergies. Hopefully I can convert her to indoor succulent plants because they seem to be a cleaner type of plant and are easy to use in decorating. Herbs are also an option but you need to be careful if you start selling any type of consumable that people eat. You never know about allergic reactions or some crazy person with an attitude. 

Might also sell any excess fruit we have from the native fruits I planted when we got here. People seem to like cherries, jostaberries and gooseberries. The invading Japanese beetles don’t seem to like the foliage on these plants. These plants could also be propagated and sold as starter plants.

All these enterprises may result in enough cash that I could afford streaming TV someday.

Crohn’s Disease is winning today.


Cut the lawn today but it turns out I am having a mild Crohn’s disease episode.  Sometimes I can cut the complete lawn with no problem but this was not to be one of those good days.  Finished the important front half of the lawn then my belly started to flip over and do handstands.  Flat on my back in bed now hoping I can make it back and forth to the restroom in time.  Type of diet does not seem to be a factor as this type of condition among other fun conditions seems to happen almost randomly from Crohns.  The sharp slope on a small area of the property is particularly problematic when I feel like this.  Need to do any lawn mowing on one of my better days, during good weather and when I don’t need to drive my son.  Just trying to do my part to keep Hartford pretty since we are on main street.  Can’t let those big thistles go to seed.

Ryobi tools at HomeDepot review.

I own several Ryobi tools from Homedepot and I like all of them. The price was right and they get the job done around the home. I don’t know if they are as rugged as some of the industrial tool brands but I have not been able to destroy them with my typically careless attitude. I particularly like some of the 18 volt convenience tools such as the fans, lights and radios. Some of the latest versions have dual 120 VAC and 18 VDC input which is a real good feature.

I use the older style Ryobi fan all the time. The battery powered fan is great for sitting in a car waiting for someone without running the car. Its also nice when you are working on something in tight quarters and its hot.

Ryobi has finally started using led bulbs on a lot of its lighting products.  The older lights just used too much juice from the battery so they didn’t have a long run time.  

Ryobi and HomeDepot usually have great sales around the holidays so I am trying to encourage my wife to get me the updated radio as a present. Probably won’t happen though.

Ryobi also makes some 40VDC lawnmowers that are kind of attractive. I think they should consider making some type of robotic lawnmower. That’s what I am eventually going to need if my Crohn’s disease becomes worse. I can barely get the lawn cut now so I hope Ryobi implements this type of lawnmower soon at its typically reasonable price. I am also considering planting some type of ground cover on the areas with a severe slope near the front sidewalk so the robot can get the whole job done.

Glenn’s Garden 2017 in March

Garden Early Spring 2017

This is the beginnings of my garden for the next thirty years or so.  The two bushes in the black smart pots are a Carmine Jewel Cherry and a Romeo Cherry.  I like these cherry bushes because they are almost indestructible and good into zone 2b.  I had one of them outside on a balcony in Milwaukee for several years and it wasn’t damaged in any way.  I even got some cherries while it was on the balcony.  They taste like sweet cherries rather than the tart cherries that typically grow in this area. I had to trim it severely when I moved to Hartford because it just would not fit in my car which almost caused me to weep a little.  I didn’t own a branch trimmer that was big enough and I was in a hurry so I just used a large bolt cutter that was available at the time.

We had a 60 mph windstorm recently which caused a lot of tree branches to drop everywhere as you can see in the above picture.  I don’t stand out there when its windy and I advise other people to avoid it also because the high branches like to come down on your head.  Its almost impossible to get at the high tree branches to trim them without some type of mechanical lift which I can’t afford.  I do have a special 27 foot tall manual pole saw but I haven’t been well enough to operate it.  It requires continuous muscle exertion for long periods of time but I think I may be able to get some help  eventually.  The trees would require a professional tree trimmer to cut them down because they are too close to buildings.

The bushes and small trees I planted are all surrounded with black plastic hardware cloth to protect them from rabbits and squirrels.  It seems to be effective protection.  When one of the bushes was exposed by accident the rabbits chewed it down to little nubs.

I concentrated my initial efforts on smaller seedling fruit bushes and nut trees because of the cheap price and the minimum effort involved in planting.  I always order everything from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery during the last minute sales because those sale prices are unbeatable, they offer a money back guaranty and deliver to my front door.  I planted Manchurian apricots, Honey berries, Grapes, Hazel nuts, raspberries, Cherry Bushes and Josta berries.  Everything survived the winter which I thought was impressive.

Eventually I plan to put some good soil in my raised bed garden and grow some veggies.  There is a place near Hartford that gives away free composted horse manure but my wife always starts looking for divorce lawyers every time I mention it.  I am too short on cash to buy soil but eventually I will simply make enough compost to fill this bed up one way or another.

I also plan to grow some succulents for my garden bottle hobby and for sale.  I have another small raised bed for that purpose.  We will see what I get done this year because its usually less than what my plans are in spring.

Carmine Jewel Cherry Bush trimmed severely

Blogger is dead !

My black cat Engels 2017

Blogger is dead !  Long live WordPress !  I have stopped making additions to my old blog at Glenn’s Way on blogger (old blog) but I will keep it online for reference. I will now blog exclusively on WordPress. The new WordPress blog is a work in progress.

My Garden 2016

2016 Puffball Mushroom in my garden

I consider this puffball mushroom to be symbolic of my 2016 garden. A combination of Crohn’s disease and other severe demands on my time made it impossible to do much gardening.  I have a few small fruit trees/bushes growing merrily along without my help but any type of real vegetable garden was simply beyond my capabilities.  The squirrels and rabbits are an ever constant menace to the trees and bushes.  A little circle of plastic hardware cloth around the plants seems to work well for protecting them from the ravages of these little rodents.

I experimented with modifying glass bottles to make planters for herbs and succulents.  I may be able to convert this idea into a very small hobby business but it is primarily for the purpose of providing me with relaxation so I don’t go completely insane.  I plan to eventually make a facebook page and link it to this blog so that others may share the joy of making crafts from old bottles. Some of my family obligations requiring great investments of my time appear to be dwindling so perhaps I may finally be able to actually do something I enjoy.  My former Crohn’s nurse at Froedtert Hospital used to bring me various types of empty wine bottles and other bottles to my weekly appointments for my use which was really nice of her. I now have a garage stuffed with bottles that I plan to use for the creation of planters and other craft projects. I can always give them away as presents if no one will buy them but I think the final products will be quite nice. My work speed is ultra slow because of Crohn’s interference but eventually I am able to make something pretty.

My plan is to eventually make a raised bed veggie garden, succulent garden and maintain the production of my fruit trees.  Unfortunately there is a lot of shade in my garden because of the gigantic hardwood trees which tower over everything.  These large trees really need a severe branch trimming as soon as possible.  On the other hand the shade allows the giant puffball mushrooms to flourish in an unhindered manner.  My native american neighbor said the puffballs are great to eat when they are young as long as you don’t get them mixed up with the Death Angel mushroom.  I decided not to risk eating one because the term Death Angel didn’t make be feel comfortable and no one in my family was willing to test them for me after I explained the situation.  The shade producing branches have got to go somehow.

We used to have a gigantic garden on the dairy farm where I grew up near Theresa, WI.  I really used to enjoy strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes and cucumbers in great abundance.  Our farm and garden were even organic but I never realized at that time. I just liked to eat the produce because it tasted better than candy.  Supermarket produce simply can’t compare to the taste of what my mother produced in her organic garden.