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A long time ago in a land far away I used to be a Control Systems Engineer.  I actually learned something from this experience combined with going to Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Would you be willing to give me the opportunity to help you solve your home technology issues?  I have a lot of mileage on me and I am not as fast on the draw as I used to be but I am slightly more stubborn and tenacious.  I know there are people that could benefit from my help.

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Chain Saw Time for Glenn’s Tree’s

Mighty Tree Trunk
Mighty Tree Trunk


Check out the YouTube video of my awesome trees being cut down at Condemned Trees being executed.

The Hartford Community Development Authority was able to help us out financially with the tree removal ordered by the City of Hartford at the request of our neighbors.  These trees definitely needed to come down ASAP before they destroyed another truck on the street.


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Glenn’s Garden 2019

My Best Garden in Wisconsin
My Best Garden. Garden decoration.
Dirty Cow with Pitchfork
Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree in Wisconsin Garden
Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree in My Wisconsin Garden.
depth of field photography of brown tree logs
Photo by Khari Hayden on


My giant dangerous trees on the front lawn will be cut down this year so a large area of lawn will be opened up for sunlight and gardening.  The Hartford CDA gave me an excellent deal on a deferred loan for the $6300 that the tree cutter wants to cut down the bad trees and grind the visually offensive stumps that will be left over.  The City would have probably charged me more than $9000 payable at once for just the ash borer infested tree and that might have been sufficient reason for me to begin looking for apartments.  The Hartford CDA is OK.

The backyard trees also shade the lawn and threaten structures but the danger is not as imminent.  I plan to send in our friend Noah to take a stab at severely trimming the backyard trees because he was kind enough to volunteer for the job.  Noah knows how to handle a life filled with danger and intrigue.  This skill is desperately needed  for a job of this magnitude.

Other than the massive tree slaughter the scope of my horticultural escapades will be limited to some container gardening.  I always order from Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Company because their quality can’t be exceeded and they have a half off sale which makes them economical.  I am planning on getting four dwarf fruit trees of different types which can be raised in 20 gallon fabric grow bags.  I did this with my Carmine Jewel Sweet Cherry bush successfully in Wauwatosa and then brought it to Hartford when we bought this house.  The cherry bush was too large to fit in the car so I had to make the sad decision to severely prune it so it would fit.  The Cherry bush now resides happily in the ground of my backyard so I believe the same technique will work with these new dwarf fruit trees. Zone 4 Peach, Gooseberry and two Saskatoon Blueberry are the intended fruits for this plan.

Using the fabric bag containers allows me to easily take care of the tree’s/bushes until they are firmly established with an air pruned root system from the fabric bag.  Planting in the ground anywhere I want can easily be done during a later year at my leisure.  In addition to the fruits I plan to plant some tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and cucumbers in containers.

Gardening makes me happy and fills my belly with good food.  Win-Win scenario from my point of view.  Just need to comply with some of Hartford’s strange anti-gardening laws which are almost as archaic as its obtuse anti-chicken laws.  Hopefully Hartford laws will eventually come into the light of the modern home organic gardening revolution.  Homegrown food should be the wave of the future because of its health benefits.  Beautiful front lawn food gardening should definitely be encouraged rather than relegated to a dishonorable activity that is frowned upon by the law.