Chain Saw Time for Glenn’s Tree’s

Mighty Tree Trunk
Mighty Tree Trunk


Check out the YouTube video of my awesome trees being cut down at Condemned Trees being executed.

The Hartford Community Development Authority was able to help us out financially with the tree removal ordered by the City of Hartford at the request of our neighbors.  These trees definitely needed to come down ASAP before they destroyed another truck on the street.



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Glenn’s Trees

nature red forest leaves
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There is a right time and a right place for giant dead trees but not in my Hartford yard.  I like trees and I have planted quite a few in my lifetime on the farm and other places that I have lived.  The big existing trees at our current house are really in severe need of being made into firewood before they fall on someone mowing the lawn.  I made a short video that shows the tree situation and our underground wasp nest discovery.

Link to youTube video about my trees:  Trees everywhere except where they should be.