Tablet Holder for a Car


Tablet Holder with Tablet Inserted



Tablet Holder



Tablet Holder with Ryobi Fan to keep me cool


I made a simple prototype tablet holder for my car when I am endlessly waiting for everyone.  I used scrap materials from other projects and cobbled together this very useful little tablet holder for zero dollars. I find myself using it all the time so I may make an improved version with quality materials. More of the parts need to be softer. The current version has pointed metal parts that could potentially poke someone.  It also makes an excellent self defense device if someone breaks in the car.

Pinterest  to be Linked to Glenn’s Way blog

I plan to upgrade my Pinterest  social media account to include some of my gardening ideas and other interests that I have. There are ways to more completely link Pinterest  to my blog. Some day I plan to sell succulent plants along with crafted bottle planters and display them on my social media accounts. Definitely not a get rich quick scheme but I enjoy doing it and I might make a few pesos. First I need my dependents to become more self sufficient so I have a little time to implement my plan. Second I plan to have the giant lump on my back surgically removed before I get to old to be operated on. Every time I schedule this surgical procedure something interferes with it. Maybe I am just destined to keep my grapefruit sized back bulge.

I see succulent plants, herbs and sophisticated bottle planters for my future provided God is willing. I like gardening but currently I just don’t have the time to do anything good because I am usually too ill or taking care of other people/problems. I definitely need to spruce up our yard before I try to pass myself off as a gardener or no one will buy. We have a nice alcove type window for indoor plants which might be a future option. Unfortunately gigantic trees shade the windows so some supplemental light will be needed. Also, my wife is opposed to any type of plants in the house because she is worried about insects and allergies. Hopefully I can convert her to indoor succulent plants because they seem to be a cleaner type of plant and are easy to use in decorating. Herbs are also an option but you need to be careful if you start selling any type of consumable that people eat. You never know about allergic reactions or some crazy person with an attitude. 

Might also sell any excess fruit we have from the native fruits I planted when we got here. People seem to like cherries, jostaberries and gooseberries. The invading Japanese beetles don’t seem to like the foliage on these plants. These plants could also be propagated and sold as starter plants.

All these enterprises may result in enough cash that I could afford streaming TV someday.

How to Win the Job Interview

Ford Tractor with Farmer Onboard

I have been through many job interviews in my life. Most of them were very educational and a few even resulted in a job.  In highschool I applied for two different jobs and was relatively successful at both. I can still remember my supervisor at Wurtz Specialty Ice in Mayville singing “Everyone has got to bag ice sometime….” as we bagged our endless bags of ice. You would think working with ice would always be a cold job but that is not the case.  Ice machines give off lots of heat and it was exceptionally hot where we worked half the time. This was alternated with subzero freezer temperature which really made your bones feel odd. I was glad to get this ice factory summer job because it paid for part of my college expenses along with working for a farmer and selling my prize winning FFA dairy heifer to a Japanese company. The interview for these jobs went quite well because I suspect I was the only person who showed up on time. Lesson one. Show up for your interview on time.

I had about a zillion interviews at the end of college. I signed up for every interview I could because I was worried I might not get a job and I was very short on spending cash.  Most engineering job interviews go about the same. Some old male engineer asks you a bunch of questions and you provide answers. There were some odd ball interviews though.

One company sent two cute young women in cowboy hats to talk to you. I thought I had gone in the wrong interview room when I saw them sitting there.  They were pitching jobs for oil drilling rigs anywhere from Alaska to South America. They were more interested in my outdoor recreation activities rather than my Electrical Engineering GPA and the job paid three times any other job offer I had. I took a pass on that one. Judy would definitely have disliked traveling to those types of isolated places. Lesson two.  Don’t take any job that would make your fiancee miserable.

I applied at the FBI for some type of technical associate job. The description was kind of vague but it seemed to involve wire taps, electronic eavesdropping and other assorted electronic mayhem. I didn’t expect the FBI to even call me for an interview but I was wrong. I received a very large package in the mail stamped FBI in large bold letters not long after I signed the application.  Nina, my sister-in- law to be, brought me the package from the mailbox and suspiciously inquired “What is this?”.  I think she thought I was in trouble with the FBI and she might be able to stop the marriage before it was too late. I said it was probably a job offer but I probably wasn’t going to take it. She backed out of the room without saying anything. I already had three nearby job offers so I wasn’t about to go on a distant adventure with the criminal justice system.  I would have taken the FBI job if I didn’t find anything else.

Once I was between jobs and I needed some cash.  I can’t remember when but it may have been during college or not. I applied for a job at a large printing company that involved manual electrical work on large printing presses. I got the job. I didn’t realize until I started working that this company printed huge amounts of pornography. Workers there would wallpaper the bathrooms with this stuff. I should have quit but I really needed cash. It was also an unpleasant place to work.  I ended up getting fired because I was blamed for damaging some machines which I don’t believe I did to this day. Lesson three. Don’t accept any job that will make your life crap because there is always something better.

The best interview and job that I ever had was at a dairy plant engineering company.  I had been temporarily laid off by another company so I consulted a “headhunter” to see if he could find me a more stable job. He immediately said I should see an engineering company just across the state line in Illinois but he didn’t say what the company did before I went to the interview because there just was not enough time. The president of the company asked me about my background and I said I grew up on a dairy farm which seemed to make him happy. He asked me numerous questions about the farm which I thought was unusual at the time but may have been a significant factor in getting the job.  Lesson four. Use your entire life experience during an interview.

Crohn’s Disease is winning today.


Cut the lawn today but it turns out I am having a mild Crohn’s disease episode.  Sometimes I can cut the complete lawn with no problem but this was not to be one of those good days.  Finished the important front half of the lawn then my belly started to flip over and do handstands.  Flat on my back in bed now hoping I can make it back and forth to the restroom in time.  Type of diet does not seem to be a factor as this type of condition among other fun conditions seems to happen almost randomly from Crohns.  The sharp slope on a small area of the property is particularly problematic when I feel like this.  Need to do any lawn mowing on one of my better days, during good weather and when I don’t need to drive my son.  Just trying to do my part to keep Hartford pretty since we are on main street.  Can’t let those big thistles go to seed.

Ancient Technology still gets the Job Done.

Craigslist is a source of infinite free entertainment for me.  I picked up these two obsolete TV’s with digital antennae converter boxes in Slinger for free and installed them in my garage on a rolling platform with a Roku box. They have worked great for a couple of years and only cost me the price of their electricity. The antennae picks up pretty good on the main channels and the old Roku picks up the WIFI for internet TV. All of the old electronics stand up to the temperature extremes pretty good so far. I may need to pay for TV disposal some day but I think I may find an alternative salvage method by then.

The truly ancient kindle tablets in the picture are really from the dawn of prehistory.  They can still be used in a number of ways in the garage combined with some equally prehistoric speakers. They make good clocks, weather stations, internet radios, police/fire band radios, YouTube players, Pinterest displays, book readers, movie download players, flyswatters and paperweights in a pinch. They hold out well against temperature extremes so far.

These types of old tech can provide entertainment if they continue to work. A lot of this stuff seems to run well indefinitely.

Should a Female Doctor be Allowed?

The TARDIS landed incognito outside my door and everyone came to see it!


Should a female Doctor be allowed?  The real question is Doctor WHO?  If you don’t already know, Dr Who is a science fiction character and British TV series all in one that has been running since 1963.  The TARDIS is Dr Who’s time/space ship which looks like a British police street box.  Doctor Who regenerates into a new character every so often because that is what Time Lords from Gallifrey do.  The Doctor has always been male even though his sexual preferences may not have been totally defined in every incarnation especially during the latest episodes.  I still enjoy the show and it is even easier to enjoy because it eventually becomes free on Amazon prime before I watch it.

I have no problem with the new female Doctor Who character.  I just wish they forgo any left wing political correctness and make her smart, young, good looking and straight.  Every show on TV does not need a liberal token character in it and I think that every TARDIS should have at least one good looking woman capable of running the control board.  Is that a sin, crime or is just too much to ask of a TV show?






Ryobi tools at HomeDepot review.

I own several Ryobi tools from Homedepot and I like all of them. The price was right and they get the job done around the home. I don’t know if they are as rugged as some of the industrial tool brands but I have not been able to destroy them with my typically careless attitude. I particularly like some of the 18 volt convenience tools such as the fans, lights and radios. Some of the latest versions have dual 120 VAC and 18 VDC input which is a real good feature.

I use the older style Ryobi fan all the time. The battery powered fan is great for sitting in a car waiting for someone without running the car. Its also nice when you are working on something in tight quarters and its hot.

Ryobi has finally started using led bulbs on a lot of its lighting products.  The older lights just used too much juice from the battery so they didn’t have a long run time.  

Ryobi and HomeDepot usually have great sales around the holidays so I am trying to encourage my wife to get me the updated radio as a present. Probably won’t happen though.

Ryobi also makes some 40VDC lawnmowers that are kind of attractive. I think they should consider making some type of robotic lawnmower. That’s what I am eventually going to need if my Crohn’s disease becomes worse. I can barely get the lawn cut now so I hope Ryobi implements this type of lawnmower soon at its typically reasonable price. I am also considering planting some type of ground cover on the areas with a severe slope near the front sidewalk so the robot can get the whole job done.

Kung Fu at a Dairy Plant Renovation

Martial arts has always been an attraction for both of my sons. My older son studied Jiu Jitsu in college and my younger son is currently taking Judo. I also like martial arts. The only things preventing me from taking Judo classes with Tony is that it looks like a lot of hard physical work and it costs money I don’t have at this time in my life.

I used to work with a couple of people who had black belts in Kung Fu. One of these people worked in the same company as me and I traveled with him to Sacramento, California for a dairy plant renovation. He was a refined sophisticated gentleman and knew his job well in addition to teaching Kung Fu. There were several people in our company’s job site group with various types of personalities. We were eating our dinner at some nearby seedy bar filled with a slighty rough looking crowd. One member of our party found out that “George” had a black belt in Kung Fu and he thought this was hilarious. He stood up at the bar and loudly said “This guy here can take anyone in this bar. You know why?  He has a black belt in Kung Fu!”.  The look on George’s face was priceless. Fortunately none of the good people at the bar initiated a cage match to test this brash assertion and we left the bar before we were kicked out. Even if you have a black belt in Kung Fu, I think its smarter not to mention it.

Sparse blogging by Glenn.

My father, myself and my sister long ago.

Haven’t been doing much blogging lately.  My wife is recovering from hip surgery and I have been taking care of her.  The results of the hip surgery have been very good.  She may not be dancing the jitterbug but she can at least walk with the aid of a walker again and the hip joint has not popped out.  I’ll take that as a win.  Thanks for everyone’s prayers.

Cat ate our over the air TV antennae so we bought a better compact one from Home Depot that allows the coax to be separately disconnected and is designed to be mounted in the attic. It looks like a small white UFO and is called the UFO by the manufacturer.  Strangely enough Judy objected to my drilling holes in the walls to run the coax from downstairs up to the attic. A divorce lawyer was mentioned.  Go figure women.  Instead I had to settle for mounting the UFO in the bedroom closet but it still works much better than the flat little antennae we had before so Judy was happy.  I only watch live TV for the daily local news and for Packers football games anyways.  Judy is addicted to GRIT TV from Milwaukee and she religiously watches Laramie and Walker Texas Ranger which unfortunately are starting to make me mildly ill after watching all the episodes at least three times.

I am not a big fan of cable TV so we don’t purchase it.  It’s just not worth the money.  We do have free internet TV options via Roku and Amazon TV sets so I don’t know if we fully fit the definition of “cord cutters” but maybe we are close enough.