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I added a feed from Glenn’s Way Posts to Linkedin so all posts will be displayed there for my Linkedin network.  I could really use some positive reviews on Amazon to increase visibility so I would currently loan anyone the ebook to read if they have an Amazon account.  Just let me know if you would like to help me out.

I don’t think that Remicade is working out for my Crohn’s disease.  Currently I am flat on my back in bed because it is the least painful position I can find.  Sitting down is just too painful right now which probably means my colon is having some type of problem.  I have been avoiding the doctor but I may have to take some type of medical action in the near future.  I was hoping that Remicade would be a problem solver for a decade or so but it doesn’t seem to be working out.  Really too bad.

I’ll need to update my book Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide to include this new situation.  If you do purchase the book on Amazon I will keep it up to date with my latest Crohn’s Survival Tips and any entertaining Crohn’s activities on my part that wouldn’t be suitable for a public blog.

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Sheep Attack!


Most people think that sheep are sweet little creatures that wouldn’t harm a fly.  They are not that way in my experience.  I was very familiar with cows while growing up on the farm but I had never encountered sheep until our neighbor needed some help due to an injury.  Sheep seemed like kind of weak little things when compared to cows so I was not worried about being able to load them onto a truck.

Our neighbor was completely unable to help me with loading the sheep so I was on my own for this procedure.  He had about ten sheep so I decided to herd them into a long narrow walking area and bring them to the truck one at a time with a rope.  I got them herded into the long narrow area easily enough but when they saw a rope they all charged me simultaneously.

It amazes me how high a sheep can jump.  The first one jumped completely over me while I was trying to rope another sheep.  The next one knocked me down by jumping directly into me at a full speed run.  The rest of them saw their chance and tried to trample me to death while escaping.  I covered my eyes and head while they passed over me.  Fortunately they didn’t hit anything too vital or I might have been singing soprano for the rest of my life.

I didn’t look very pretty after that episode but I got up and dusted myself off.  Eventually I finally got those sheep on the truck one at a time by locking them in different pens to rope them.   I still have something embedded low in my left leg that hurts a little if you push on it.  This proves that the Bible is highly accurate when it says sheep will not follow someone they do not know.

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History of Marsh


My cousin Mary P. loaned me a book about the history of the Marsh family by Dorothy Marsh Brunka.  Judy and I looked it over and found it very interesting.  I am related to the Marsh family so it was most relevant to me but Judy has more fascination with genealogy so she enjoyed it more.  I was mildly frightened that one of our cats might damage the delicate book so we kept it in a very safe place at all times.

The first Marsh came over from England in 1634 and settled in Salem.  His name was John Marshe and he was followed by a few more.  The book had a lot of information which I will never be able to remember but it was a good time reading it.  My grandfather Marsh was in WWI and that is also in the book.

Thank you for the loan of the book Mary.


Amazon has My Book For Sale!

cover of Crohn's
Glenn & Judy on cover of book!

Check out my latest book Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide which is live for sale on Amazon.  You can download a free sample from Amazon and the entire book only costs $3.69 .  This book has the details of all the free entertainment that Crohn’s Disease has given me over the last 20 years and how my faith in Jesus Christ has helped me overcome that disease.  It’s worthwhile reading if you have a chronic disease and is good educational material for anyone. You can’t go too far wrong for a price of $3.69 and I personally think it’s a pretty good read even though I am biased.


The day the chip failed.


The new credit/debit chip cards seem to have a high failure rate and they can’t be trusted to work when you need them.  My wife had two fail in the past several months at inopportune moments.

I sent my wife and younger son to the crowded Walmart grocery store by themselves because I was just too tired to go.  My wife bought a large amount of groceries and attempted to pay with the chip card.  Naturally the chip didn’t work and she did not have another method of payment with her at the time.   She next tried the ATM in Walmart using the same chip card to get money to pay for the thawing groceries.  The ATM locked up with an error signal and she could not get her card out.  The electric cart she uses to shop in Walmart also got hooked on the ATM slightly at some point during all the fun times.  Walmart personnel came to the rescue and at least retrieved the offending chip card.  They rolled the cart of packed groceries to customer service to figure out what to do next.

My son drove back to get me while my wife waited with the melting groceries at Walmart.  Fortunately my debit chip card worked and we were able to get the big load of groceries home before any real damage was done.  A little excitement in otherwise humdrum day would be my thoughts.  My wife had an alternate opinion on the days proceedings.  I guess the moral of the story is always have two methods of payment and never trust a chip.


Soul Recall

My Soul has been recalled. I am at the KIA dealership in Wauwatosa right now waiting for the inspection result. The recall item can cause a total loss of steering at high speed if not corrected. There haven’t been any accidents yet and kia is fixing the problem. Kia provides a rental car for the week if extensive repairs are required.