Rat Story from the Farm…

Silos on our Farm

Rats love to climb into silos and eat corn silage.  Our silos did not have automatic machinery that would have sent silage down the chute to feed the cows.  It was necessary for a human being (me usually) to climb to the top and use a pitchfork to fork down enough silage to feed thirty cows.  That’s where I met the rats.

I went up the inside cement access tube ladder to the top and peeked in the top silo door dangling thirty feet in the air.  Two rats ran out past each side of my head close to my ears and down my body. They appeared to float down the thirty foot vertical cement access tube barely touching the sides with their feet.  It was kind of a mystical experience at the time that almost caused me to lose my grip and fall thirty feet after them.  My hand slipped slightly and my high school ring got caught on a nail sticking out of one of the silo doors/ladder.

It is a unique feeling to have a lot of your weight being held up by a ring attached to your finger.  It feels like your finger is being ripped off and that is why I never wear any ring including a wedding ring.  Years later I saw a man that had his finger ripped off by sliding down the side of a truck in Canada with a ring and this reinforced my desire to avoid wearing rings.  I do have a wedding ring but I am saving it for when I am buried.  Back to the rats.

The rats kept coming back in the silo to feed and I kept meeting them every day in the same manner.  I didn’t like this so I decided to kill the rats.  Easier said than done.  The damn things wouldn’t eat poison because they had so much silage to eat.  The cats were  afraid to go into the silage.  I tried to lock myself inside the silo with the rats so I could kill them but this was difficult because the rats quickly ran past me when I tried to put in the door behind me.  It was necessary to take a few weeks and lower the level of the silo so I could increase the number of doors in height closed behind me to trap them inside with me.  All the time while the level of the silo was being lowered the rats would continue to run past me down my body which feeling I did not like.

Finally there came a day when I was able to trap the rats inside the silo with me.  Time to die you dirty rats.  Heavy steam was rising from the silage making vision difficult and I held my pitchfork at the ready.  Rats are quick little devils and I tried many times unsuccessfully to club them with the fork but I couldn’t get them because vision was reduced by lack of light and silage steam.  Eventually I realized a quick swinging raking motion would cover more area quickly and this got the job done.  This primitive neanderthal like battle must have lasted an hour but I finally had something to feed our lazy scared cats.  The cats were quite happy once they realized what I had.  I felt kind of successful and happy afterwards.  It was a great victory to get those rats off my back.  The only good rat is a dead rat.


Hip Replacement Operation Time!

Younger Judy

My wife needs a hip replacement operation.  Her previous doctors were not advising her correctly but fortunately her latest doctor stated directly that there is not anyway she can avoid a hip replacement and that it needs to be done as soon as possible.  It is about time.  Everyone likes to avoid unnecessary surgery and there is never a right time because there is always something else to do but when you need a wheelchair or crutches to get around, its time.

I just hope these Aurora doctors get the job done right.  They were smart enough to see the severe problems on her x-rays that doctors in Wauwatosa were apparently missing for years or were not interested in.  I suppose there has been deterioration since we lived in Wauwatosa but they still should have seen the same issues and gave her better advise.  Surgery has been scheduled relatively near in the future so I hope that everything will be a success.



Our critically injured friend is on the road to recovery!!!

glennjudyfancy  Our friend Bob was injured severely in a work accident but is now out of the coma and walking with assistance!  He recognizes people but still has a long way to go.  It seems like he is recovering from the injury to his brain and everyone is hopeful that he will make a complete recovery in every way. Praise God!

My friend was in a critical work accident….

glennjudyfancy…..  I never expected my friend Bob to be hurt critically in a work related accident. His family and friends are all hoping and praying for his swift recovery.  Bob has always been physically strong and has great faith in Jesus.  Both of these things will help him now in his hour of need.  Please pray for his swift healing and full recovery.

” The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. ”




My son saved someone using the Heimlich maneuver on the first day of his Honeymoon….

joshua …My son saved a man from choking in a restaurant on the first day of his honeymoon in Florida.  He learned the Heimlich maneuver at Genesee  Lake School as part of his work training.  The man was choking on meat and the results could have been serious without his intervention.  The restaurant gave them a free meal in recognition of his service.  I am willing to bet he won’t forget this for the rest of his life.  Job well done, Josh!

Lomira High School had a great Physics/Chemistry/Math teacher when I went there long ago….


The best teacher I ever had was Mr. S. at Lomira High School in Lomira, Wisconsin.  He taught physics, chemistry and various types of math.  Most of the teachers at Lomira were pretty good but Mr. S was stellar.  I never realized how lucky we were to have a great group of teachers like that at lomira until I got to college and encountered some of the unique personality’s of the professors there.

Mr. S. dealt with a wide variety students from the most basic math classes to the most difficult science classes and I am fairly certain that most of his students thought he was top notch.  He had an excellent way of imparting knowledge and maintaining a good attitude while doing it.  He always included “Enrichment” knowledge in his lectures which he would tell you was not on the test but I always thought it was interesting.  I borrowed the word “Enrichment” from him to add to my blog title because I always liked it.  He let us play chess in class provided we finished all our work ahead of time and he was nice enough to be the faculty person for the chess club during my senior year.

I didn’t have a lot of extracurricular activities so being the chairman of the chess club was a great thing to put on my college applications.  I applied to a lot of colleges and I was accepted at several but I was surprised that M.I.T accepted me because my grades were not that outstanding. The M.I.T. representatives told me that the chess club activity combined with my unusually high ACT score test results were critical in getting me accepted.  Unfortunately, once I saw how much it would cost me to go to M.I.T. I realized it was far beyond my financial reach.  My guidance counselor told me that I had plenty of financial aid if I just picked a college in wisconsin so I chose MSOE instead. MSOE’s primary entrance test is to make sure that you can pay the tuition although once you are in there they don’t pull any punches on the difficulty of the work.

I have no idea if Mr. S. is even still alive or where he would be living but he could still teach some of the professors I encountered about how to teach.  His level of organization was so much higher that I was spoiled in high school and had to totally readjust in college to the attitudes of some professors.

One of my college chemistry professors showed up on the first day and wrote a bunch of assignments on the board.  He said that there was no reason to talk to us until we had done the assignments and then walked out the door.  It was supposed to be a two hour lecture and I was paying good money for this lazy son of gun to talk a little so he could of at least said something.  Maybe a word of advice or some enrichment.  At that moment I realized what a good teacher Mr. S. had been and I was glad I was not going major in chemistry at MSOE.














My telephone dialed 911 by itself…and didn’t stop!

via Phone dials 911 on its own, police come knocking on Ontario couple’s door – Toronto | Globalnews.ca



Several years ago our landline phone started dialing 911 by itself at about 2 am in the morning.  Naturally the Wauwatosa police department showed up and began pounding on our door in a very loud and insistent manner.  I was asleep and dead to the world so my wife decided to answer this scary and obnoxious inquiry.  The police wanted to come in and search the apartment and would not believe my wife that no one had called.  She called me by saying “Glenn could you please come here?”.  I responded by staggering into the living room half asleep in my underwear and saying “What the hell is it now!” in a rather loud voice.  I really didn’t expect two Wauwatosa police officers to be standing there with a belligerent attitude towards me.

The police finally believed our statements that no one had dialed 911 and suggested we have our phone inspected.  I disconnected the phone and thought that would stop the calls but that was not to be the case.  Our line kept calling 911. Apparently the problem was with the phone company and not with our phone.  Thank you ATT for a fun night .  The phone company couldn’t immediately figure out what was causing the errant 911 calls so we had no phone for a few days.  I believe I had to sign some kind of paper with the police that said they didn’t need to respond from any 911 calls from our phone.

The same thing can still happen with cell phones according to what I have read so don’t be quick to judge your neighbors if the police show up at their house at night.  It could happen to you too.






Pain Medications


via Neanderthal used ‘aspirin’ for tooth pain: study

Scientists believe that Neanderthal man made and used a type of aspirin for pain relief. I think that is fairly impressive for people with limited technology.

My father used to take aspirin for headaches almost every day.  I probably gave him half his headaches. Aspirin and Ibuprofen are wonderful pain relievers and I would love to make use of them.  Unfortunately I can’t take either one because  I will bleed out due to Crohn’s disease if I take NSAIDs.  I take a combination of Tylenol and the mild prescription opiate Tramadol to avoid going insane and snapping at people when I have Crohn’s related issues.  Tramadol seems to deaden your feeling to sharp intense pain  but it does make me a little sleepy if I take it at the same time as my other medications.  I avoid driving any distance when I take Tramadol because it tends to make me a little too relaxed to drive.  Also, you need to be careful not to take too much of Tramadol because it can kill you but so can many other medications if taken incorrectly.

There is currently a heroin epidemic in Milwaukee and many other areas. Apparently, many people began their heroin addiction by abusing prescription opiate related drugs. The solution to the problem that the politicians are starting to consider is to make it more difficult for doctors to prescribe these types of medications to their patients because then they will never develop heroin addiction.  That’s a great solution to prevent heroin addiction unless you are the person who needs the medication constantly for a permanent disease and is now going to be forced to jump through hoops to get your medication.

Politicians should leave medical prescription decisions to doctors until such time as they get a medical license.   So far I haven’t had to jump through too many hoops to get Tramadol other than showing my driver’s license and delivering a script in person rather than having it automatically sent.  I believe that other states have more severe hoops to jump through so I hope that doesn’t become the solution here.  I would recommend giving doctors guidelines to follow rather than forcing all patients into some little box of restrictive laws so that their lives are inconvenienced.

Tramadol has made quite an improvement in my lifestyle capabilities since the doctors prescribed it to me.  Sometimes I actually get to sleep an entire night without being  stabbed awake with some type of sharp pain.  I have been taking it for many years and so far I haven’t had any sudden urges to use heroin.  Not that we shouldn’t help heroin addicts but I don’t believe any laws made by politicians are really going to stop people from using heroin.