It’s too cold.

It's too cold outside and everyone here has the flu.  That's the best I can do today.  


Twitter and Blogging are Crohn’s Compatible.

Twitter, Blogging and Social Media are definitely compatible activities for Cronies (people with Crohn's).  You can tweet and re-tweet even when you are incapable of standing up or are hooked to some intravenous set up.  When someone is forcing you to watch the same episode of Walker Texas Ranger for the fifth time you can … Continue reading Twitter and Blogging are Crohn’s Compatible.

Don’t fall asleep in your car.

I fell asleep in my car a few weeks ago waiting for my son and apparently I look like I'm dead when I am asleep.  I woke up to an off duty paramedic banging on the car window and getting ready to smash it in.  I have been told by people that it is difficult … Continue reading Don’t fall asleep in your car.

Good Time at Holiday Gatherings..

I have been to a few family gatherings this year and they have all been an enjoyable time with good food and fellowship.  We went out to Ponderosa with Judy's relatives who we don't get to see very often which is a special treat for us.  Unfortunately her 102 year old Aunt had medical problems … Continue reading Good Time at Holiday Gatherings..

Apologies to Flight Attendant..

I did something on a flight years ago that would probably get me barred from boarding the plane today.  I am sending my apologies retroactively to the flight attendant involved. I was going to fly on a red eye from someplace on the west coast.  While waiting in the airport I became extremely hungry at … Continue reading Apologies to Flight Attendant..