The day the chip failed.


The new credit/debit chip cards seem to have a high failure rate and they can’t be trusted to work when you need them.  My wife had two fail in the past several months at inopportune moments.

I sent my wife and younger son to the crowded Walmart grocery store by themselves because I was just too tired to go.  My wife bought a large amount of groceries and attempted to pay with the chip card.  Naturally the chip didn’t work and she did not have another method of payment with her at the time.   She next tried the ATM in Walmart using the same chip card to get money to pay for the thawing groceries.  The ATM locked up with an error signal and she could not get her card out.  The electric cart she uses to shop in Walmart also got hooked on the ATM slightly at some point during all the fun times.  Walmart personnel came to the rescue and at least retrieved the offending chip card.  They rolled the cart of packed groceries to customer service to figure out what to do next.

My son drove back to get me while my wife waited with the melting groceries at Walmart.  Fortunately my debit chip card worked and we were able to get the big load of groceries home before any real damage was done.  A little excitement in otherwise humdrum day would be my thoughts.  My wife had an alternate opinion on the days proceedings.  I guess the moral of the story is always have two methods of payment and never trust a chip.



Fake Visitors

Some bloggers actually pay for fake visitors for the purpose of pumping up their site stats. I think this should be made illegal because it is essentially false advertising. High stats make the blog seem more interesting and advertisers are willing to pay more to put an ad on the blog.

I will never pay for fake visitors to this blog. First of all, I don’t have the money so it’s a moot point. Also, I am just not willing to sink that low for the purposes of vanity or financial gain.

Soul Recall

My Soul has been recalled. I am at the KIA dealership in Wauwatosa right now waiting for the inspection result. The recall item can cause a total loss of steering at high speed if not corrected. There haven’t been any accidents yet and kia is fixing the problem. Kia provides a rental car for the week if extensive repairs are required.

Haier Dishwasher died.

Haier dishwasher finally gave up the ghost.  It was always a piece of junk that never worked right but the price was right because it came with the house when we bought it.  The control panel has not worked right for a few months, cleaning has been intermittent and now the door will not sense as being closed.  Of course its final act was to leave us with a load of dirty dishes I need to clean this morning.  I am fairly certain that one issue is in the digital control panel which cost too much to fix.  The Haier manual on the internet is a little helpful in troubleshooting simple problems but forget about calling Haier for help because it is waste of time.  We had a house warranty from the sellers which has already fixed the Haier control panel once already a few months after we moved in.  Obviously the fix didn’t last.

Amazon has a Hotpoint dishwasher for $260 that ships for free with prime so that looks like the future.  There is no way I can wash dishes by hand for weeks on end.  Crohn’s disease makes it too awkward and Judy is just to hyper vigilant on her cleanliness approval of my work.   We bought a Hotpoint clothing washer on the internet long ago and that works like a champ so far in spite of being flooded externally when we lived at an apartment in Wauwatosa.  I keep waiting for the Hotpoint clothing washer to break but it keeps hanging in there.  I hope this Hotpoint dishwasher is made with the same right stuff.  The Hotpoint design philosophy appears to be simple, dependable and inexpensive which is what I want.  Bells and whistles on other manufacturers equipment I don’t need because those extra features are just something else to break down in the future.

My Cat Princess
My Cat Princess

The Best Cat Litter Box in the World.

Cat Litter Box
The right way to design a cat litter box.

Cats have to do their business someplace.  Cut a hole in a rubbermaid container with high sides and set it in half a cardboard box.  The hole should face the interior of the cardboard box.

This arrangement is cheap and works far better than anything I have ever seen.  It works well for even giant size cats if you get a big enough container with high sides.  The cat is forced to walk on the cardboard which tends to get rid of any litter before he gets on your floor.  Accidents are almost totally eliminated.  I am sure the idea is not original to me because it just works too good and is too obvious.  Expensive cat litter boxes are just not worth the money.



Garage Door Springs Do Not Last Forever.

wp-1506269946448.jpegI guess my garage door spring was not made to last forever because it broke today trapping my car inside.  Doesn’t look like I can lift it temporarily by myself to get the car out so I’ll have to get a repairman in here.  I am willing to bet they won’t be inexpensive.   I don’t think it’s a good idea to work on this old bucket of  rusty bolts by myself because it looks like an accident waiting to happen.

I suppose I could try to lift it up with Tony and hold it temporarily while we get the car out.  I am a little leery of this procedure because this thing is really heavy and I don’t want it knocking someone’s head off.  Better to get a local pro to take of it next week.