Tablet Holder for a Car


Tablet Holder with Tablet Inserted



Tablet Holder



Tablet Holder with Ryobi Fan to keep me cool


I made a simple prototype tablet holder for my car when I am endlessly waiting for everyone.  I used scrap materials from other projects and cobbled together this very useful little tablet holder for zero dollars. I find myself using it all the time so I may make an improved version with quality materials. More of the parts need to be softer. The current version has pointed metal parts that could potentially poke someone.  It also makes an excellent self defense device if someone breaks in the car.

Ancient Technology still gets the Job Done.

Craigslist is a source of infinite free entertainment for me.  I picked up these two obsolete TV’s with digital antennae converter boxes in Slinger for free and installed them in my garage on a rolling platform with a Roku box. They have worked great for a couple of years and only cost me the price of their electricity. The antennae picks up pretty good on the main channels and the old Roku picks up the WIFI for internet TV. All of the old electronics stand up to the temperature extremes pretty good so far. I may need to pay for TV disposal some day but I think I may find an alternative salvage method by then.

The truly ancient kindle tablets in the picture are really from the dawn of prehistory.  They can still be used in a number of ways in the garage combined with some equally prehistoric speakers. They make good clocks, weather stations, internet radios, police/fire band radios, YouTube players, Pinterest displays, book readers, movie download players, flyswatters and paperweights in a pinch. They hold out well against temperature extremes so far.

These types of old tech can provide entertainment if they continue to work. A lot of this stuff seems to run well indefinitely.

Is universal health care a human right?

I personally believe that anyone who is a Christian is morally obligated to help people with medical care if it is within their ability.  Everyone needs healthcare at some point in their life.  It is cruel to deny someone healthcare based on a low income.  Universal healthcare should be the goal of any national healthcare plan. Congress especially should not have extra health benefits paid for by taxes. Congress should have the exact same health benefits as everyone else.

Achieving universal healthcare is difficult because our political leaders and their families are insulated from the results of their inaction.  If they and their families were denied all healthcare until they achieved a good healthcare bill perhaps they would expedite the job. A little incentive can do wonders for productivity.

Have you ever been to a Social Security office in a large city to collect a benefit? It’s as close to hell as I want to get. Government workers are constrained by a system created by politicians and this makes a pure government controlled healthcare system unlikely to be efficient or productive. Insurance companies need regulation by the government and poor people will need to be subsidized on a sliding scale by rich people. Competition between insurance companies should be encouraged. Everyone should be subject to the same basic insurance plan. Rich people can get additional types of coverage and some fraction of these additional payments can be used to provide poor people with basic coverage. What do you think about this type of plan?

Sparse blogging by Glenn.

My father, myself and my sister long ago.

Haven’t been doing much blogging lately.  My wife is recovering from hip surgery and I have been taking care of her.  The results of the hip surgery have been very good.  She may not be dancing the jitterbug but she can at least walk with the aid of a walker again and the hip joint has not popped out.  I’ll take that as a win.  Thanks for everyone’s prayers.

Cat ate our over the air TV antennae so we bought a better compact one from Home Depot that allows the coax to be separately disconnected and is designed to be mounted in the attic. It looks like a small white UFO and is called the UFO by the manufacturer.  Strangely enough Judy objected to my drilling holes in the walls to run the coax from downstairs up to the attic. A divorce lawyer was mentioned.  Go figure women.  Instead I had to settle for mounting the UFO in the bedroom closet but it still works much better than the flat little antennae we had before so Judy was happy.  I only watch live TV for the daily local news and for Packers football games anyways.  Judy is addicted to GRIT TV from Milwaukee and she religiously watches Laramie and Walker Texas Ranger which unfortunately are starting to make me mildly ill after watching all the episodes at least three times.

I am not a big fan of cable TV so we don’t purchase it.  It’s just not worth the money.  We do have free internet TV options via Roku and Amazon TV sets so I don’t know if we fully fit the definition of “cord cutters” but maybe we are close enough.








Boost Mobile is the best cell phone service in my opinion…


AT&T and US Cellular have some things I don’t like about their cell phone services as compared to Boost Mobile.  I don’t like spending one dime more than I need to for cell phone services and I want perfect service.  Boost mobile has enough types of phones and different plans to suit any price range and need.  I like their unlimited plan using a good android cell phone for the best value but there are many options available.  The unlimited plan drops to a lower bandwidth speed after the higher bandwidth is used up for the month but you never get charged extra for exceeding your data usage.  This is important to me because I am the primary hog of data in our household and I don’t like big bills especially when they are my fault.

I have used AT&T and US Cellular and unfortunately I can’t change to Boost mobile  yet because I still have an unbreakable contract with one of them.  Two of my close relatives have Boost mobile with unlimited voice, text and data but guess what, they are not under any contract.   All they have to do is pay their bill every month without any long term obligation.  What happens if they don’t pay their bill on time?  They don’t have to pay any extra fee’s to get restarted but their cell service will be shut off until they pay the normal regular fee.  There is an automatic payment option so there is no real danger of missing a payment unless you happen to be broke.

My relatives pay less for unlimited Boost mobile service than I do for a very limited amount of data which starts charging you viciously if you exceed it.  That really hurts my whole sense of self worth.  Worst of all, Boost mobile coverage works everywhere I go (Hartford, Oconomowoc, Wauwatosa, etc) so I can’t even claim that I have superior service to justify the high price I pay for service.  The only solution for me is to admit I picked the wrong carrier and switch as soon as my contract is up.

DIY Tip Genius – Family Handyman – App Review

DIY Tip Genius


The DIY Tip Genius is a useful app but it has a few bugs.  The app has a lot of practical DIY ideas that you can use especially if you were not fortunate enough to have a parent/mentor train you when you were young.  I find it useful even though I have seen some reviews which said it stated obvious ideas too frequently.  Just because something is obvious to you doesn’t mean everyone will think of it by themselves.  I grew up on a dairy farm which taught me about certain types of equipment and tools at a very young age but this app has many ideas which deal with subjects that my early DIY upbringing wasn’t really concerned about.  Even on the farm, some of the ideas in this app would have been useful and saved money.

Everyone probably has a coffee can full of left over fasteners and parts.  The app gives some good ideas of how to cut various leftover containers to size for different types of uses in the shop.  I have seen people spend thousands of dollars on new containers for this purpose and thought to myself, what a waste!  I suppose if you have money to burn and are concerned about how beautiful your shop looks it might justify spending big bucks on a tub for nails but that wouldn’t be my first choice of where to spend my money.

People spend a lot of money on ambient air filtration equipment for their shop.  Using a box fan with an attached furnace filter  and a few related ideas can work just as well in many shop applications.

I downloaded this app from the Google Play store onto a Galaxy Grand prime cell phone and all features worked great for a while.  It was an excellent way to kill time while I am doing my endless waiting for other people.  Unfortunately the latest update developed some bugs. The search function, favorites and main menu simply no longer work right.  I can still use the app but I need to use it in a more manual mode like reading a book.  Can you please fix your app Family Handyman Magazine?

The basic app is free but they do charge you a small fee if you want to upgrade to the pro version which is worth it in my opinion.  The app is constantly updated so it always has something worth reading.     Unfortunately for me it can’t be loaded directly on an Amazon Fire tablet and must be side loaded. The latest version of the Fire tablets does have a way to put on the Google Playstore which solves this problem. There is also an Apple version for those people so inclined.

This app has saved me time and money so I would say it’s a keeper. The bugs may not show up if you have a later model android cell phone or an apple cell phone.  If you are experiencing any bugs make sure you email or call the help line given in the app.  I would like to see this one fixed.

How High Should the Great Wall Be ?


I am not a cheer leader for everything that President Trump does but I don’t believe that everything he does is totally wrong either.  My father used to say that “Even a blind chicken picks up a piece of corn once in a while”.  Is President Trump as lucky as a blind chicken?  We will see.  No one can be wrong 100% of the time unless they really work at it.  He is clearly not as smooth as an experienced politician like Mike Pence but he is smart enough to win an election against Hillary Clinton.  He understands what motivates his voters.

Our country has a duty to regulate its border in order to protect its citizens from anything or anyone harmful.  The exact details of how we do that are open to legitimate debate but the basic principle seems reasonable to me.  Is it even possible to build a giant wall across our southern border?  Of course its possible, the Chinese finished their first great wall in 206 BC under the orders of the first Emperor of China without the aid of modern equipment.  Do we really need to build another great wall here in the United States or could we come up with a more cost effective solution?

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more humane to allow more legal hard working immigrants that will contribute to our economy into this country.  If it were up to me I would give existing illegal immigrants amnesty and give them a path to citizenship provided they do not commit any crimes.  I would require legal immigrants to have a United States citizen sponsor who would be legally and financially responsible for them for a significant period of time such as 10 years before they could become a citizen.  There does need to be a real vetting process to prevent criminals/terrorists from entering this country along with significant monitoring time even after a person is allowed to immigrate to this country.  Other countries should also be able to share the burden of caring for refuges from oppression.  The United States is not the only country in the world and other developed countries need encouragement to take care of refugees also.

Building a giant wall across isolated areas of our border would not necessarily stop all illegal crossing of the border.  Monitoring by the border patrol is still required because drug traffickers will soon find a way to cross the great wall and this will open a method for others to cross.  We need to dry up the market for illegal drugs the same way we did by ending alcohol prohibition.  Alcohol is just as bad as other drugs and yet we do not have  illegal border traffic with alcohol as the cargo because we make legal alcohol here.  We need to legalize and regulate drugs like Marijuana.  Produce some less dangerous drugs similar to alcohol in the United States to improve our economy and prescribe them to be monitored by a physician.  This would cut down illegal border traffic activity and allow greater concentration on important border problems.

We still have a need for an effective method of stopping illegal border crossings in large isolated areas.  A wall may be cost effective in some crowded areas but it would not seem to be cost effective over very long runs of land consisting of empty desert.  We should develop drone aircraft for the border patrol capable of monitoring large areas of empty land from the air and destroying any type of dangerous cargo such as nuclear bombs, chemical weapons or biological weapons from the air using standard guns, missiles or lasers.  The capability to generate an electromagnetic pulse capable of disabling any unhardened vehicle or  aircraft in a targeted area should be included on a drone of this type.  I believe the new joint strike fighter being developed has such an EMP capability so it is not impossible.  Combine these armed drones with satellites and regular armed helicopters to prevent any unauthorized border crossings in isolated areas.

I also thought it should be possible to make a missile with an inexpensive non-lethal chemical warhead that could disable vehicles by releasing a cloud of some type of chemical or other agent that would foul the engines of any vehicle within range.  The ash from volcanoes has this  effect on aircraft so we should be able to come up with something just as effective mounted on a missile fired from a drone. Someone else has probably had this idea before but I haven’t seen it in print yet.  The non-lethal chemical warhead could also contain some type of UV glowing sticky paint that would mark people and make them easy to see and recover without hurting them.  This is currently done by police with ransom money.

We need non-lethal methods of stopping illegal border crossings in large isolated areas.  A simple wall or fence can always be breached unless it has an active defense so why not save the money spent on Trumps useless great walls and give the border patrol the tools and skilled manpower it needs to get the job done without risking the lives of Border Patrol agents or illegal immigrants.  An armed drone with sensors constituents a higher and more cost effective wall than the proposed “great wall” of President Trump and I believe it would be less politically offensive to Mexico and other countries.  A drone is essentially invisible until it is used so it would not be necessary to damage our diplomatic ties with our closest neighbors. Simple border walls would still be needed for some limited applications in urban areas and at points of allowed entry but these already exist for the most part.

I admire Hispanics and others that have enough guts to enter this country and risk their lives just so they can get a job and their children can have a better life.  That’s the type of people this country needs.  I am not worried about them hurting me or my family.  I am concerned that terrorists and criminals of any race/religion will use our lax border security to enter our country and kill us exactly like they did on 9/11 at the twin towers in New York city.  We should increase legal  immigration of people that will be good citizens and shut down any future unregulated illegal immigration.  The 9/11 attack or worse will happen again if we don’t control entry of dangerous people into this country.




Blogger is dead !

My black cat Engels 2017

Blogger is dead !  Long live WordPress !  I have stopped making additions to my old blog at Glenn’s Way on blogger (old blog) but I will keep it online for reference. I will now blog exclusively on WordPress. The new WordPress blog is a work in progress.

The Quick Fix


I used to be a farm boy, professional engineer in wisconsin, electrical engineer with a BSEE degree from MSOE and a general trouble maker. Also, I read a lot of books related to fixing problems. I plan to post various things in the future that I have done in the past that my readers may find entertaining.  These types of posts are just for your enrichment and should not be done by you without consulting properly licensed and experienced professionals in their field.