Repeal the Second Amendment?


A few influential liberals have suggested that we should repeal the second amendment.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This would be a simplistic mistake in my opinion that our country may regret years from now.  Currently there is a concern about mass shootings but I think steps can be taken to reduce this threat without repealing the second amendment.  The total elimination of all danger to soft targets can’t be accomplished by taking away the rights of law abiding citizens.  The emotional upset from the terrible deaths of innocent people is understandable and we should take action to insure that these types of deaths are prevented.

The people who belong to the NRA and similar organizations did not kill those innocent people.  The current revolution style anti-gun movement seeks to demonize the NRA and any politician accepting contributions from them.  This approach may backfire.  It would be better if common ground could be found to prevent deaths.

The second amendment is relevant for today just as it was when written.  Many people today are unfamiliar with personally using firearms.  We live in nice safe neighborhoods and have armed police to keep the peace.  Many types of large scale disaster scenarios could easily happen to sections or all of our country that might make safety in your neighborhood more questionable.   It may be comforting to have your own Arms available to protect your family.  The police simply do not have enough officers to go around in many disasters and the national guard may be taking care of bigger problems.

I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”.



Glenn’s Way is linked to Linkedin


I added a feed from Glenn’s Way Posts to Linkedin so all posts will be displayed there for my Linkedin network.  I could really use some positive reviews on Amazon to increase visibility so I would currently loan anyone the ebook to read if they have an Amazon account.  Just let me know if you would like to help me out.

I don’t think that Remicade is working out for my Crohn’s disease.  Currently I am flat on my back in bed because it is the least painful position I can find.  Sitting down is just too painful right now which probably means my colon is having some type of problem.  I have been avoiding the doctor but I may have to take some type of medical action in the near future.  I was hoping that Remicade would be a problem solver for a decade or so but it doesn’t seem to be working out.  Really too bad.

I’ll need to update my book Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide to include this new situation.  If you do purchase the book on Amazon I will keep it up to date with my latest Crohn’s Survival Tips and any entertaining Crohn’s activities on my part that wouldn’t be suitable for a public blog.

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The Joy of Cloning!

Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree in Wisconsin Garden
Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree in My Wisconsin Garden.

Recently Chinese scientists cloned a monkey which has similar physical characteristics to humans.  The obvious question is when will someone clone a human being.  I believe that it is inherently wrong to create higher animal life by these types of techniques if the animal life will suffer in any way due to botched experimentation.  It is not possible to perfect cloning of higher animals using our current technology without causing severe suffering to many failed experimental animals and even the suffering of an animal has importance to me.

Cloning experimentation on humans will be done by some unethical group in the near future because it is clearly possible and there is always some organization that wants to be the first to make scientific progress.  I am totally opposed to allowing human cloning because I consider it evil based on my cursory reading of the Bible and common sense.  Just because science makes it possible doesn’t mean it should be done.

Human cloning is pretty grim stuff but cloning plants in my garden is great fun.  I am not the first person to discover the joy of cloning.  Some of the native fruit plants in my garden can be cloned and grown into new plants easily because they are not grafted onto any special root stock.  I plan to eventually do some backyard cloning of native fruits and exceptional houseplants for my own enjoyment.  I may even sell clones of any of my plants that it is legal to propagate for resale.  It is possible to make many clones very quickly using cloning powder and an appropriate container.  Commercial nurseries must be making a hefty profit using this technique because it seems incredibly simple on the small scale that I will be doing for relaxation.

I would just buy more plants but the darn things cost too much and my cash is in real short supply at this time in my life.  I particularly would like to clone my Jostaberry bush because they taste so good and yet they have a unique black color which kind of looks unappealing to an uninformed berry thief.  I’d like to make a hedge out of the Jostaberries rapidly using cloning techniques so they would perform the dual purposes of giving me privacy to eat my berries in peace along with providing the berry crop itself.  I doubt that these berries would sell that well due to their appearance but the taste is great.

My Juliet cherry bush is another likely candidate to clone for a hedge combined with a cherry crop.  The cherries have an excellent sweet quality just like sweet cherries from commercial orchards.  I am sure these cherries could be sold if any survive my ravenous plundering of the final crop.  I suppose I will need some netting to stop the birds from beating me to the plundering.  We should actually get a small crop of cherries this year.  I had to severely prune my cherry bush to fit it in my car when we moved to Hartford so I missed a full year of production and reduced future production for a few years.

In my opinion cloning of plants is great but cloning humans not so much.




Twitter and Blogging are Crohn’s Compatible.

Engels with glowing eyes

Twitter, Blogging and Social Media are definitely compatible activities for Cronies (people with Crohn’s).  You can tweet and re-tweet even when you are incapable of standing up or are hooked to some intravenous set up.  When someone is forcing you to watch the same episode of Walker Texas Ranger for the fifth time you can at least zone it out and blog about something interesting.  The only parts of your body that need to work are your brain for thinking and your hands for typing.  The internet supplies an infinite amount of new material to blog about even if your life is mundane at the moment.

The thing is you need to be careful what you say or you are bound to make someone angry.  Of course, if your twitching around in pain you may not give a rats ass what anyone thinks and you may write something that you regret.  I still care a little bit about what people think about me so I try to read what I write before I hit the publish button.

Cronies certainly have a lot of time for social media and no one has actually become too angry at me for anything that I have written.  I had more threats when I was an engineer.  Years ago someone called us during Thanksgiving and threatened to kill me because he thought it was my fault that he was fired.  If he had got me on the phone it wouldn’t have been so bad but my wife picked up the phone and was not prepared for it.  I felt sorry for the person losing their job but it wasn’t going to help him get a new job by going psycho on the phone.  That’s one reason I don’t make my phone number public.

I encourage comments of almost any kind on this blog even negative ones.  A long time ago I had very negative comments from several angry atheists who didn’t like my blog posts.  I have to admit it was kind of fun replying to those comments especially since I wasn’t playing fair.  I don’t know whatever happened to the atheists but they eventually seemed to just stop commenting which kind of disappointed me.

Social media is a great way to kill time when there is not much else you can do except that people keep interrupting you when you get in the flow of things.   I have found that I can ignore almost anything when typing which sometimes annoys nurses and other people around me but at least it takes my mind off of Crohn’s disease.

Apologies to Flight Attendant..


I did something on a flight years ago that would probably get me barred from boarding the plane today.  I am sending my apologies retroactively to the flight attendant involved.

I was going to fly on a red eye from someplace on the west coast.  While waiting in the airport I became extremely hungry at the last minute before boarding so I bought a huge sloppy hamburger and wolfed it down.  I threw the wrapper in a garbage can and rushed to make the boarding gate.  Unfortunately I discovered that I had thrown my ticket in the garbage can with the wrapper.

I raced back to the garbage can and raked through the garbage until I found my ticket covered in food slop.  Running back to the boarding plane I just managed to slip in before they closed everything up.  I handed my ticket to the attendant collecting tickets and naturally she asked me in a loud disgusted voice ” What did you do to this ticket?”.  I replied “Wouldn’t you like to know.” and I hurried on the plane as the door was closing.

I still remember the horrified look on the poor attendants face so I would like to apologize to her if she is reading this post.