The Poor should Subsidize the Rich?

Camel traveling down a road paid for by regressive taxes


The poor should subsidize the rich sometimes?  I have met very few people who like to pay taxes but they are necessary for the continuation of our society.  We all need roads, police, firemen and other government services whether we want them or not.  Everyone benefits from these types of government services so it seems fair that everyone should pay their fair share of the cost.  Some people benefit more from these types of services than other people and are getting a good deal. This is true of police and fire services which are really just a type of insurance because you are paying for a service you hope you never have to use .  No one wants their house to burn down or be burglarized but there is always a chance it could happen to you so you pay money just in case your number comes up.  There are simply not enough rich people to pay for all necessary government services by themselves so government usage fees (taxes) of less fortunate people became a necessity.  We have gas taxes, toll booths, wheel taxes, car impound retrieval fees, fines for speeding and other methods of generating revenue which place a disproportionate burden on the finances of less fortunate people.

An oversimplified example:  An ultra rich man named Bill Gates gets a $100 ticket for speeding or a poor working mother named Betty with two children and a dead husband gets a $100 ticket for speeding.  Neither person should have been speeding but is it really fair to charge Betty and Bill Gates the same fine (tax).   I would fine people an appropriate percentage of their income instead of an arbitrary fixed dollar value .  Bill Gates would not care if he had to pay some paltry fine so how will he ever learn a lesson from it?  If he had to pay even 4 percent of his income he might wake up and smell the coffee.  Betty should be charged less because monetary fines are a severe drain on her limited resources and she will learn her lesson easily.  Our current system makes it easier for the rich Bill Gates to speed.  Why not take a greater significant percentage of a rich speeders money and use it to fund police and road construction?  This would improve public safety and revenue collection.

Health insurance/treatment is similar in some ways because it is a necessity unless you want to take a chance on dying prematurely.  Few people choose to be ill.  Some people are blessed by God with good health and will never need a doctor’s service or at least not much service.  Other people may have severe illness such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, crohns disease or some other severe disease that is life altering and expensive to treat.  You pay an insurance company but you hope you don’t have to use their services to pay for some dreadful disease.  The insurance company distributes this horrible risk among many people.  The healthy people pay for the really ill people and most healthy people do not really directly benefit except by having emotional security from being insured in case the worst happens.  Health insurance in essence is a transfer of financial wealth from one large group of people to another small group of people who have done nothing to earn the money. Is that a good thing?

An oversimplified example:  Bill Gates gets Crohn’s disease and is insured by XYZ insurance company.  Bill will need about $200,000 per year in treatments over the remainder of his lifetime to keep his bowels operating normally.  Bill’s premium payments amount to $12,000 per year so XYZ insurance company is losing some big time money because Bill has a bad disease.  How should this money be recovered by XYZ?  Obviously they will either raise their rates on their other members or find someway to get rid of Bill from their plan.  It’s not Bill’s fault that he is ultra rich so I don’t believe it is right to eliminate Bill’s treatment and insurance.  Less fortunate people should subsidize Bill Gates in this condition because he paid his money into the system in case this type of thing would happen to him.  A single mom named Betty should be treated just like she was Bill Gates if she had the same condition.

What’s the point?  Some things require us to work together even when we don’t see the direct benefit to us because it’s for the good of our society as a whole. The United States needs some type of insurance plan that includes coverage for all citizens or it just won’t be fair.






$45,000 Sweepstakes for Ford Escape Auto by Ford Warriors in Pink…Review

High School Graduation day by my Ford Maverick with minor accident damage

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My grandmother had breast cancer many years ago when the survival rate was lower but she survived it. This is a great cause to help and eventually a total cure will be found. Just click on the link below to go to the entry page and while you are here take a look at the rest of my blog. Leave a comment on one of the many clever posts!

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Five ways to have a Happy Blog!

Cattle feeding by grandparents trailer home

…I have learned a few things while configuring Glenn’s Way blog on WordPress.  The first way to have a happy blog is to use WordPress rather than Blogger.  WordPress has better free features and plenty of upgrade potential if you want to pay for more capabilities.  You need to be a little careful what you say on WordPress if you are not self-hosted because WordPress does not seem very tolerant of controversial opinions.  My ancient WordPress blog was turned off eons ago by an automatic process.  It was necessary to contact Lisa at WordPress to get my blog back online.  This irritated me at the time so I switched to Blogger but that was not the best idea I ever had.  Blogger proved to be a long lasting disappointment.

The second thing to consider is that you should use PayPal to collect any donations or payments.  PayPal is safe and easy to implement on WordPress.  Other forms of payment are a little risky and I wouldn’t use them on this blog however a large business/charity would also need to accept credit cards.

Third, do not expect to get rich quick from the proceeds of your blog. Keep your day job for awhile until you show a profit.  Maybe you will be the super blogger that hits it big but don’t bet the farm on it. Also, you can always sell the rights to your blog to someone else for cash if it does not strike it rich. Maybe they will have better fortune than you and you can show a little profit for your work.

Fourth, use a facebook business page to send traffic to your website.  I found the Amazon ebook   facebook marketing made (stupidly) easy to be very useful and I will probably implement many of the ideas in that book for my own facebook page and WordPress blog.

Lastly, have some type of premium content for profit.  Typically this could be an ebook on Amazon or possibly some type of course on your area of expertise.  It is a good idea to give some free samples to your readers so that they know what quality of product you have.

I have a ton or more ideas about blogging that I plan to share in future posts.  Please follow this blog by email if you don’t want to miss any!












Welcome to new reader from Indonesia on Glenn’s Way blog 4/01/2017

indonesiadancer  Welcome new reader from Indonesia to my blog.  Please let me know what type of content you like and I will add more.  I believe you are the person selling tires on your blog but I am not sure because the translation isn’t great from Google.  Hope to hear from you.


Coffee is Good for You so have a Cup!


via WHO: Coffee Is Good For You – The Atlantic

I really like coffee so I’m glad the World Health Organization (WHO) finally got something right and said coffee is good for you.  When I used to travel for work and the company paid for my food I would indulge in some of the slightly more sophisticated coffee offerings.  Currently I’m happy if I have enough time to make myself some Maxwell house in the morning. WHO says that coffee may prevent cancer!  I didn’t even need that justification for indulging twice daily in this liquid ambrosia but its nice to know.

I’m not really in good health but I attribute most of that to Crohn’s disease and only a small amount to lifestyle.  This may not be entirely accurate but the thought makes me feel justified in enjoying a little coffee.  My lifestyle would be a lot more active anyways if I wasn’t a Crohny.  I figure that its a fairly good bet that I will die someday so I might as well enjoy a little food and drink while I still have a GI tract.  A cup of coffee with some flavored creamer is definitely on my To Do list every day.

In the distant past, while I was working alone in Ft Worth at the Dannon Yogurt plant I enjoyed stopping at the local coffee shop when I had the chance. I worked a combination of half days and whole days as required back then.  A half day is 12 hours long and a whole day is 24 hours.  I also ate at the same relatively expensive Cowboy/Surf themed restaurant every night dressed in my best dairy uniform with my name on the shirt.  The waiter figured out I was coming there every night at the same time so they were prepared for me.  I wasn’t quite dressed the same way as the rest of the clientele so they always ushered me over to a table in the darkest corner away from their average patron.

Since I wasn’t paying for it, I always ordered filet mignon with a shrimp gumbo soup at this restaurant.  One day they just started bringing me my usual even before I had ordered.  I was a little surprised when they simply put the food on my table so quickly without any input from me.  I had been considering changing my order that day but I didn’t have the heart to tell the waiter I didn’t want what he was bringing me.  I believe if I ate the same thing right now I would probably need a trip to a hospital at least.

When I have to pay for things myself, I choose McDonald’s coffee rather than Starbucks or I would soon run out of spending cash. They had a good group of engineers working at Dannon back then.  They worked long hours but they also liked to party a little.  Some of them kept inviting me to go to a local nude bar with them and engage in general debauchery but I had to decline.  I don’t drink alcohol and the bar probably didn’t even serve good coffee.  Also, I’m sure my wife wouldn’t have appreciated me going to these types of activities.

I was working there seven days a week for a while and one day the cheapskates said they couldn’t pay for the double time on Sundays and that there wasn’t enough time for me to fly home to Illinois for the weekend.  They asked me if I wanted to work for free on Sunday to help finish the project.  I declined this request and slept instead.  I may have enjoyed the work but I don’t work for free.

Now my activities are more limited in nature because of Crohn’s but I still enjoy a good cup of coffee.  I can now drink coffee for enjoyment rather than as an emergency anti-sleep aid.  Its too bad I don’t have an unlimited budget of someone else’s money to spend on fancy coffee like I did at Ft Worth but that’s OK.  Maxwell house with a creamer is still pretty good.


Happy St. Patricks Day


St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Engineers according to my former professors at Milwaukee School of Engineering.  A student used to be elected St Pat for the day and he had the power to shut down a class and dismiss it.  He would dress up in garb similar to the pope and have a court with people ringing bells and blowing smoke.  St Pat would go from class to class cutting the ties off of professors and dismissing the class.  If the professor refused to open the door to have his tie cut off the court would ring bells and blow smoke under the door of the classroom until the situation improved.  I don’t remember many of my classes at MSOE but I do remember when our advanced calculus topics  professor tried to delay the court of St Pat shutting down his class.  St  Pat eventually won.  I wonder what was in that smoke that they were blowing under the door because it always seemed to be effective at shutting down the class.  Engineers know how to have fun at least at MSOE.



No Automatic WordPress to Facebook tranfer


I stopped the automatic transfer function from my WordPress blog to Facebook.  Facebook is probably not a good place for some of my opinions and is more of a general audience.  On the other hand, if you want to see a little extra controversy just head over to my blog Glenn’s Way for more mature content that some people may find offensive.  I still transfer some things to facebook and I kept the automatic transfer to twitter because I get most of my followers from twitter.  Eventually I would like to advertise my bottle art on the blog so I like to build up a big audience.

Blogger is dead !

My black cat Engels 2017

Blogger is dead !  Long live WordPress !  I have stopped making additions to my old blog at Glenn’s Way on blogger (old blog) but I will keep it online for reference. I will now blog exclusively on WordPress. The new WordPress blog is a work in progress.

I have decided to split my blogging into two blogs …….


March 7, 2017 The WordPress hiatus overhaul has ended. I will allow my blogger blog to rest in peace and do all new posts on the revamped WordPress version of Glenn’s Way.

July 9, 2014  I have decided to split my blogging into two blogs.  One blog will be on WordPress and the other blog will be on Blogger. The WordPress blog will take a short hiatus while I evaluate its purpose and it undergoes a severe overhaul. The Blogger blog will now be my primary blog for more controversial subject matter and continuation of my typical past blog posts.