Twitter and Blogging are Crohn’s Compatible.

Twitter, Blogging and Social Media are definitely compatible activities for Cronies (people with Crohn's).  You can tweet and re-tweet even when you are incapable of standing up or are hooked to some intravenous set up.  When someone is forcing you to watch the same episode of Walker Texas Ranger for the fifth time you can … Continue reading Twitter and Blogging are Crohn’s Compatible.


Apologies to Flight Attendant..

I did something on a flight years ago that would probably get me barred from boarding the plane today.  I am sending my apologies retroactively to the flight attendant involved. I was going to fly on a red eye from someplace on the west coast.  While waiting in the airport I became extremely hungry at … Continue reading Apologies to Flight Attendant..

Opportunity is Knocking.

"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Galatians 6:10 NIV Someone once told me that it's not a problem.  It's an opportunity!  I didn't really like or respect him at the time but he was right on this one … Continue reading Opportunity is Knocking.

Hate Speech in Wisconsin

A group of college students recently made a video showing their hatred of police.  Police were depicted as anti-black, pigs and were beheaded in the video.  It certainly looked like hate speech to me.  I don't think hate speech should be totally prevented even if it is extremely vile unless it used to directly incite … Continue reading Hate Speech in Wisconsin

Slender Man Trial – Opinion

  I think the two young girls who attempted to murder another girl in the name of the fictional character slender man were mentally ill and should receive psychiatric treatment until such time as they pose no threat to the public.  That may be three years with credit for time served or it may be … Continue reading Slender Man Trial – Opinion

Legacybox service review.

Legacybox service review.  Legacybox is a company that takes your old old personal media and converts it into modern formats.  It handles films, audio and pictures of almost any kind and produces a DVD, CD or Thumbdrive.  It is not necessary to pay full price for the Legacybox service if you sign up for their … Continue reading Legacybox service review.