Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.

I am not a super fan of everything President Trump does but he is right to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.  The United States should not be afraid to acknowledge that real world situation just because we are afraid of threats.  Terrorists may use this occasion to strike against us but they … Continue reading Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.


Meaningless Religious Talk..

I dislike people trying to push an obscure religious belief on others during a shared group secular activity.  It only serves to drive people away from Jesus because the message is usually repugnant to the person at the receiving end and its generally wrong to start.  A Christian message should be kept simple when dealing … Continue reading Meaningless Religious Talk..

Opportunity is Knocking.

"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Galatians 6:10 NIV Someone once told me that it's not a problem.  It's an opportunity!  I didn't really like or respect him at the time but he was right on this one … Continue reading Opportunity is Knocking.

Are Preppers All Crazy?

Maybe all Preppers aren't totally screwy.  I think some preparation for the possibility of certain types of natural or man made disaster scenarios are somewhat reasonable.  Weather such as hurricanes have recently devastated significant amounts of our country.  Some people that ignored the hurricane warnings had hurricane parties instead of evacuating from the area.  Those … Continue reading Are Preppers All Crazy?

Do you want a Microchip implanted in you?

A Wisconsin company is the first in the nation to begin voluntary microchipping of its employees. This allows them to buy things at the company and do various work related activities more easily.  Isn't that sweet? Would you like one of these lovely devices implanted in your hand?  It does have a similarity to the … Continue reading Do you want a Microchip implanted in you?

Limits on the Bible

Someone requested that I write a post on what Jesus says about homosexuality, abortion and evolution.  The person dislikes the position that conservative evangelicals generally take on these issues and wants to prove that Jesus didn't talk directly about these issues himself so they are being blown out of proportion today by Christians.  Of course, … Continue reading Limits on the Bible

Christian Theology Should Control Politics in America?

I think it should control politics for pragmatic reasons.  North Korea is a perfect example of what happens when Christian theology has no control of a country's politics.  The leadership of North Korea is afraid of Christianity because it represents a danger to the ruling elites control of that country.  Christians are routinely murdered for … Continue reading Christian Theology Should Control Politics in America?