Amazon has My Book For Sale!

cover of Crohn's
Glenn & Judy on cover of book!

Check out my latest book Glenn’s Crohn’s Disease Survival Guide which is live for sale on Amazon.  You can download a free sample from Amazon and the entire book only costs $3.69 .  This book has the details of all the free entertainment that Crohn’s Disease has given me over the last 20 years and how my faith in Jesus Christ has helped me overcome that disease.  It’s worthwhile reading if you have a chronic disease and is good educational material for anyone. You can’t go too far wrong for a price of $3.69 and I personally think it’s a pretty good read even though I am biased.



Space needs to pay for itself.


The United States needs less space exploration at the expense of the taxpayer and more space exploitation for profit. Sending humans to Mars is wrong at this time because we should use that same money to establish near earth space infrastructure that can support for profit opportunity in the near future.  Look at the human moon landings as the example of a not for profit enterprise controlled by the government and paid for with taxpayer dollars.  We landed a few humans on the moon in a heroic fashion at great cost and risk.  In return for this great effort we received a short temporary boost in our national pride and a few moon rocks.   We should have established a permanent nuclear powered base on the moon at that time for industry, mining, research and military purposes instead of just collecting a few rocks that are really not that critical.  We should not repeat this same mistake with an expensive human Mars landing as proposed by the current U.S. administration.

Robots can explore Mars and the outer solar system more efficiently and safer than any human can.  Mining our moon and any asteroids we can relocate to near earth orbit has a greater potential for real profit in the near term.  A nuclear powered electromagnetic mass driver built on the moon could send large amounts of processed or raw lunar material  into orbit around the earth.  Space based solar power collection systems could be built with these materials and the resulting power sent to earth based collection systems via microwave transmission.  These solar power systems could eventually eliminate the need for any dangerous nuclear plants or dirty fossil fuels on earth.  Global climate change due to human CO2 emissions from fossil fuels would be unnecessary.  In addition large space based systems could be built that could modify the climate on earth if it is disrupted by nature.

Pride and glory are the primary reasons humans want to put their first footprint on Mars.  The vast bulk of people on earth would not be helped by putting humans on Mars.  Why not let cheap AI controlled robots go explore Mars instead?  No one cares if a robot dies in a slow motion horrible accident.  Why not put more taxpayer dollars into near earth space industry infrastructure that will help the people living on this planet?    Space industry of this type would create many new jobs on earth and improve the immediate quality of life for everyone.  Capitalism in space needs this type of infrastructure to make a profit.




Fake Visitors

Some bloggers actually pay for fake visitors for the purpose of pumping up their site stats. I think this should be made illegal because it is essentially false advertising. High stats make the blog seem more interesting and advertisers are willing to pay more to put an ad on the blog.

I will never pay for fake visitors to this blog. First of all, I don’t have the money so it’s a moot point. Also, I am just not willing to sink that low for the purposes of vanity or financial gain.

Haier Dishwasher died.

Haier dishwasher finally gave up the ghost.  It was always a piece of junk that never worked right but the price was right because it came with the house when we bought it.  The control panel has not worked right for a few months, cleaning has been intermittent and now the door will not sense as being closed.  Of course its final act was to leave us with a load of dirty dishes I need to clean this morning.  I am fairly certain that one issue is in the digital control panel which cost too much to fix.  The Haier manual on the internet is a little helpful in troubleshooting simple problems but forget about calling Haier for help because it is waste of time.  We had a house warranty from the sellers which has already fixed the Haier control panel once already a few months after we moved in.  Obviously the fix didn’t last.

Amazon has a Hotpoint dishwasher for $260 that ships for free with prime so that looks like the future.  There is no way I can wash dishes by hand for weeks on end.  Crohn’s disease makes it too awkward and Judy is just to hyper vigilant on her cleanliness approval of my work.   We bought a Hotpoint clothing washer on the internet long ago and that works like a champ so far in spite of being flooded externally when we lived at an apartment in Wauwatosa.  I keep waiting for the Hotpoint clothing washer to break but it keeps hanging in there.  I hope this Hotpoint dishwasher is made with the same right stuff.  The Hotpoint design philosophy appears to be simple, dependable and inexpensive which is what I want.  Bells and whistles on other manufacturers equipment I don’t need because those extra features are just something else to break down in the future.

My Cat Princess
My Cat Princess

Amazon vs. Google

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet on Holder in My Car

I love Amazon and Google.  Why can’t they just get along with each other and make my life a little easier?  They just can’t cooperate on selling each others physical products and software.  Apple would be out of business due to its unreasonable high prices if it had to compete against a unified Amazon/Google product line.

The Amazon Fire tablets are reasonably priced and physically superior to Apples products from what I have seen.  The new Fire tablets are actually priced low enough that I may buy one someday.  My Kindle Fire HDX is good enough for now but the specifications on the new Fire tablets would really be a step up.  I have never had an Amazon tablet break down yet even though I treat them abusively.  I have a couple of the really old original models.

The only weakness of Fire tablets is that they do not have the Google Play store for Apps.  The Amazon app store does not have as many apps as Google although it does have some economical deals in the “Amazon Underground”.  You can still get any app you want by going to some vendor like 1Mobile App store but it is an irritating procedure.

Google Chrome is excellent software and I would like it on my next Fire tablet but life is usually not that perfect for me.  I have seen some half baked procedures for retrofit installations of Chrome on Fire tablets but it looks like a bad idea because Amazon and Google will probably come up with some way to screw up any retrofit.

It would also be nice to have YouTube and a YouTube downloader on all Fire tablets in the future.  I use TubeMate downloaded from 1Mobile store for this purpose right now.  This allows me to watch downloaded YouTube videos offline in my car as I endlessly wait my life away.

Couldn’t Google simply buy Amazon and make the products I want at the price I can afford?  Probably not.


VipKid Job Review

My Cat Princess
My Cat Princess

I was assisting someone looking for a new job and I discovered VipKid along with several similar companies.  These companies allow you to teach young Chinese children English online provided you have the right qualifications. You need a decent computer with HD video camera, High speed internet connection, Headset and a dedicated area to work.  These companies require you to have a Bachelor’s Degree and experience with teaching children.  Most of the companies pay about $20 per hour and allow you to work part time or for longer hours from your home.

There must be a high demand for English teachers online because these companies seem to be on most major job boards like .  VipKid appears to be the most professional and organized of any company that I saw.  I think these companies are a great way to make some money part time and save money on your commute while providing a useful service.

KIA Soul from Russ Darrow Wauwatosa Review.

We bought a KIA Soul from Russ Darrow Wauwatosa in 2015.  It is basically a good car with some problems.

The central control console goes totally blank on rare occasions except when it is at the dealership for maintenance.  You can still drive the Soul without a radio and back up camera but it is irritating.  I telephoned an adviser at Russ Darrow Wauwatosa while the car was still under warranty and he said he would make note of the problem so that I would still be covered if the problem persisted beyond the warranty limit. How nice I thought.

Now the warranty has expired but the problem still persists on a very infrequent basis.  Of course the new Russ Darrow adviser I talked to after warranty says there is no record of the promised note so they can’t make free warranty repairs.  I suppose I just can’t trust what a Russ Darrow adviser says on the telephone.  This will be the last KIA I buy from Russ Darrow.

If you do buy a car from Russ Darrow Wauwatosa I recommend against buying the maintenance package.  The prepaid coupon book is really not that impressive and they typically send out mailed coupons that seem to be just as good for free.

The actual car maintenance service work at Russ Darrow Wauwatosa is excellent.  They saved me a significant amount of money on my brake maintenance.  I had let the brakes go far too long without maintenance and they were able to salvage the situation.

The price on the KIA Soul was right for me when I bought it and it is a sturdy little car in most respects.  It is comfortable even for someone of my size and bulk in spite of its smaller size.  It is clearly well engineered ergonomically.  Any car can have a little bit of flaky electronics but usually the warranty period will catch problems of this type.  The problem I had with the central radio/back up control console happens too inconsistently to catch easily.  It hasn’t gone blank for several months now.


At least we got the car out of the garage.


Garage door with broken spring that will not open.

It’s not real inexpensive to fix an old garage door with a broken spring.  We finally got the car out by doing a double lift on the heavy door then having one of us hold it in place.  Plan to lock the thing in place and let it sit until I can scrape up the cash to fix it.  The garage door opener itself also looks fairly ancient and will probably go next.

Would like to get a Ryobi garage door opener with some of the extra features.  It has a bunch of great accessories including fans, laser parking assist, bluetooth speaker and camera security system.  Yes, I know I’m dreaming because my wife would never let me use that much cash on a garage door opener.  It’s OK to dream.  Maybe one of my readers could buy one and let me know about their experience.