Haier Dishwasher died.

Haier dishwasher finally gave up the ghost.  It was always a piece of junk that never worked right but the price was right because it came with the house when we bought it.  The control panel has not worked right for a few months, cleaning has been intermittent and now the door will not sense … Continue reading Haier Dishwasher died.


Amazon vs. Google

I love Amazon and Google.  Why can't they just get along with each other and make my life a little easier?  They just can't cooperate on selling each others physical products and software.  Apple would be out of business due to its unreasonable high prices if it had to compete against a unified Amazon/Google product … Continue reading Amazon vs. Google

At least we got the car out of the garage.

  It's not real inexpensive to fix an old garage door with a broken spring.  We finally got the car out by doing a double lift on the heavy door then having one of us hold it in place.  Plan to lock the thing in place and let it sit until I can scrape up … Continue reading At least we got the car out of the garage.

The Best Cat Litter Box in the World.

Cats have to do their business someplace.  Cut a hole in a rubbermaid container with high sides and set it in half a cardboard box.  The hole should face the interior of the cardboard box. This arrangement is cheap and works far better than anything I have ever seen.  It works well for even giant … Continue reading The Best Cat Litter Box in the World.

$646,769 Sweepstakes Review

HGTV - Urban Oasis sweepstakes has a grand prize of a house, furnishings and cash worth $646,749 .  There is also a cash only option of $350,000 . I would take the cash only option because the house is in Knoxville, TN and I don't want to live there.  I could definitely spruce up my … Continue reading $646,769 Sweepstakes Review

Make Money From Your Website With SEO

 I have read a few free books on how to make money from a website and I get emails from some successful bloggers on what to do.  I am certainly not making any cash from my blog probably because that's not my primary purpose for my website and I am not willing to invest any … Continue reading Make Money From Your Website With SEO

Legacybox service review.

Legacybox service review.  Legacybox is a company that takes your old old personal media and converts it into modern formats.  It handles films, audio and pictures of almost any kind and produces a DVD, CD or Thumbdrive.  It is not necessary to pay full price for the Legacybox service if you sign up for their … Continue reading Legacybox service review.