MYSMS app review

Found a great app for texting on all platforms using your regular cell phone number.  The app is called Mysms and it works well.  I currently use it to replace my standard android texting app on my phone and synchronize text messages with my chromebook/tablets.  It has a very small yearly fee but it is well worth it to me because I use my tablets and chromebooks a lot.


Dremel Tools Sweeps

Dremel has a pretty good sweepstakes going on for a big set of Dremel tools.   Use the following link to enter.

Dremel Tools Sweepstakes

I get an additional entry for everyone that enters using this link.

How To Write Your Book

grey and white long coated cat in middle of book son shelf
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I like to write using Google Documents and publish my books on Amazon.  The entire process is completely free and relatively painless.  You can publish your books on Amazon for reading on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle for sale and Hard Copy on demand.  I have written and published one book on Crohn’s disease.  I am planning to do a series of books oriented in a similar fashion based on my life experience.  All books will be available at Glenn’s Books on Amazon .  I hope they will help whoever reads them overcome similar problems and enjoy life.

Youtube has some excellent videos that detail exactly how to use Google Docs to write books and publish the books on Amazon.  One group of videos that I have found useful is available at Glenn’s Books on Youtube  .  Google Docs combined with a modern chromebook makes the actual mechanics of writing less stressful and faster for me.  Microsoft Word and a standard PC with the latest Window incarnation will also get the job done but I don’t like bloated slow software, physically hot laptop computers, expensive hardware, expensive software and a total lack of free virus protection.  I always prefer the K.I.S.S. method of doing anything: “KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID”.  Chromebooks can get this same job done easier and cheaper than a PC using Microsoft Windows.




What to do when it’s -30 degrees?

Life on the Farm in Winter when I was young.

What to do when it’s -30 degrees outside?  Right now I am in bed with a hot electric blanket  and my loyal cat by my side.  I don’t plan to leave this wonderful place soon unless there is an extreme necessity caused by my family obligations.  Fortunately I can work on my next book and social media writings while laying flat on my back.  I am still under the medical restriction of not being able to lift above 10 lbs but my chromebook only weighs about 5 lbs and it sits on my surgical scarred belly quite nicely while I type at my top speed of extra slow.  I had quit my typing class in high school because I thought I would never need it.  The best grade I could achieve was a C minus due to my clumsiness and having only one eye working.

My next book has the preliminary title of Glenn’s Cancer Survival Guide and will be part of a series of survival guides on various subjects based on my practical experience.  Maybe I can provide some help for someone going through similar experiences.  Cancer can really ruin your day and kill you in the long run.  Surgery, Radiation and Chemo are a real pain in the ass especially if you have cancer in your rectum like me.  The surgeons eliminated my lower GI tract and gave me a nice new ostomy bag in exchange.  I will be getting two more types of chemo fairly soon.  One type will be done in the hospital and the other type will be infused from a pump worn around a belt at home.  These types of experiences provide me with a lot of material for a book that I never really wanted to write but someone might as well benefit from my experience.

I don’t know how I would be able to handle cancer without faith in Jesus.  My odds of dying are 100% guaranteed as are everyone else’s.  I don’t anticipate any really premature death on my part based on what the doctors are telling me but there is some probability that it could happen sooner rather than later.  Might as well make the best possible use of whatever time that I have left by writing a few books.  Besides, I enjoy books and cats more than many other activities.

My books are available at Glenn’s Books .