Glenn’s Health Update

Glenn’s heath update.  Recovery from cancer surgery continues.  Had a removal of the rectum and a flap procedure for radiation recovery.  More chemo of various types will probably be required.  Resting at home with home nurse care but ran out of all pain medication because I forgot to request more.  Suddenly realized everything still hurts significantly so I guess I need to take some type of action if I want to get out of bed without pain.  Doesn’t hurt too much if I lay down and don’t move around.

Not supposed to sit down or elevate my back over 30 degrees for the next six weeks.  I can stand and walk around.  Basically talking about a minimum of a six week vacation on my back with intermittent exercise in the house.  Trying out Sony Play Station Vue app instead of using spectrum/charter app for TV because there is not much else to do.  Spectrum app was of constantly lower quality here in Hartford when I compared it to Play Station Vue app.  Play Station Vue also has access to many more movies, a good cloud DVR and works well with Roku TV.

Hooked up an older Amazon Fire TV brick to my Roku TV HDMI port and updated its software  just for fun.    Many software improvements to the Fire TV software to enjoy.  Amazon added a Silk browser app that allows you to easily play Facebook videos such as our Church service videos.  This capability was not there in the old software and is an excellent improvement.  Amazon Alexa app is also fun to goof around with and doesn’t take much effort.  Messing around with the TV is just about all I can do at this time even if it drives Judy nuts when I mess with the controls on her smart TV..






Orion’s Arm Needs a Dyson Sphere that could Work

close up photography of person holding crystal ball
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Orion’s Arm is a game for physicists and like minded people that my son Josh mentioned to me.  Apparently the game can be won if you can design a Dyson Sphere that could be built with known technologies and theoretically possible materials.  My preliminary proposal to solve this problem is called a “Sellnow Cylinder” Megastructure and it may have several variations depending on how the mathematics works out.

What is a Sellnow Cylinder Megastructure?  Josh mentioned that Isaac Arthur (A futurist on youtube) has come up with a way to dynamically keep a Ringworld type structure from destroying itself.  Larry Niven developed the Ringworld concept in several science fiction books.  Given a functional design for a Ringworld it should be possible to upscale a Ringworld design and make a Sellnow Cylinder.  A Sellnow Cylinder is a space based megastructure with dynamic controls that encloses an entire star with a Cylinder providing living space for humans on parts of the inside similar to a Dyson Sphere or Ringworld.

A Sellnow Cylinder is simply a large ringworld using dynamic controls with the ends of the cylinder capped off.  The internal volume of the cylinder would not have to be entirely empty but could be filled in part to provide physical stability or for other purposes.  Continuous circular ridges could be made similar to mountain ranges to increase livable surface area and to hold air/water in place. Exotic future materials with extraordinary physical properties would make this more feasible but it may be possible to make the Cylinder with known materials provided some type of dynamic controls are applied to stop it from flying apart or crashing into the star while rotating around  a moving galaxy orbiting star.  This concept could provide equal livable surface area to a hypothetical Dyson Sphere design which is desirable in the Orion’s Arm discussions as described to me.

I am a retired Electrical Engineer with cancer and it has been a long time since I have taken an advanced mathematics course in college.  A rigorous mathematical investigation of a conceptual Sellnow Cylinder is beyond my capabilities at this point in my life.  If any qualified person is interested in working out the math for this conceptual idea please contact me and I will give you joint credit with me for this idea.


The day the chip failed.


The new credit/debit chip cards seem to have a high failure rate and they can’t be trusted to work when you need them.  My wife had two fail in the past several months at inopportune moments.

I sent my wife and younger son to the crowded Walmart grocery store by themselves because I was just too tired to go.  My wife bought a large amount of groceries and attempted to pay with the chip card.  Naturally the chip didn’t work and she did not have another method of payment with her at the time.   She next tried the ATM in Walmart using the same chip card to get money to pay for the thawing groceries.  The ATM locked up with an error signal and she could not get her card out.  The electric cart she uses to shop in Walmart also got hooked on the ATM slightly at some point during all the fun times.  Walmart personnel came to the rescue and at least retrieved the offending chip card.  They rolled the cart of packed groceries to customer service to figure out what to do next.

My son drove back to get me while my wife waited with the melting groceries at Walmart.  Fortunately my debit chip card worked and we were able to get the big load of groceries home before any real damage was done.  A little excitement in otherwise humdrum day would be my thoughts.  My wife had an alternate opinion on the days proceedings.  I guess the moral of the story is always have two methods of payment and never trust a chip.


Space needs to pay for itself.


The United States needs less space exploration at the expense of the taxpayer and more space exploitation for profit. Sending humans to Mars is wrong at this time because we should use that same money to establish near earth space infrastructure that can support for profit opportunity in the near future.  Look at the human moon landings as the example of a not for profit enterprise controlled by the government and paid for with taxpayer dollars.  We landed a few humans on the moon in a heroic fashion at great cost and risk.  In return for this great effort we received a short temporary boost in our national pride and a few moon rocks.   We should have established a permanent nuclear powered base on the moon at that time for industry, mining, research and military purposes instead of just collecting a few rocks that are really not that critical.  We should not repeat this same mistake with an expensive human Mars landing as proposed by the current U.S. administration.

Robots can explore Mars and the outer solar system more efficiently and safer than any human can.  Mining our moon and any asteroids we can relocate to near earth orbit has a greater potential for real profit in the near term.  A nuclear powered electromagnetic mass driver built on the moon could send large amounts of processed or raw lunar material  into orbit around the earth.  Space based solar power collection systems could be built with these materials and the resulting power sent to earth based collection systems via microwave transmission.  These solar power systems could eventually eliminate the need for any dangerous nuclear plants or dirty fossil fuels on earth.  Global climate change due to human CO2 emissions from fossil fuels would be unnecessary.  In addition large space based systems could be built that could modify the climate on earth if it is disrupted by nature.

Pride and glory are the primary reasons humans want to put their first footprint on Mars.  The vast bulk of people on earth would not be helped by putting humans on Mars.  Why not let cheap AI controlled robots go explore Mars instead?  No one cares if a robot dies in a slow motion horrible accident.  Why not put more taxpayer dollars into near earth space industry infrastructure that will help the people living on this planet?    Space industry of this type would create many new jobs on earth and improve the immediate quality of life for everyone.  Capitalism in space needs this type of infrastructure to make a profit.




Fake Visitors

Some bloggers actually pay for fake visitors for the purpose of pumping up their site stats. I think this should be made illegal because it is essentially false advertising. High stats make the blog seem more interesting and advertisers are willing to pay more to put an ad on the blog.

I will never pay for fake visitors to this blog. First of all, I don’t have the money so it’s a moot point. Also, I am just not willing to sink that low for the purposes of vanity or financial gain.

Ryobi should add power adapter

Flashlight by Ryobi
Ryobi LED Work Light
Ryobi Compact Drill

Ryobi should add a 120 VAC corded adapter for its 18 VDC cordless tools.  The lifestyle devices such as fans, lights and radios would really benefit from this addition.  I noticed Ryobi does have an awkward adapter for its 18 VDC auger but I it doesn’t appear to be practical for the other tools.

Why waste your battery lifespan on running a fan when you can just plug it in for some applications?  Same with the radio and lighting options.  Those batteries have a limited life span and they are not that cheap.  I know Ryobi wants us to buy more batteries but it would be a logical addition to their brand and put them ahead of other manufacturers.  How about it Ryobi?