Glenn’s Genetics pass the test

I got the results of my genetic testing back. Tests say my genes have no predisposition to cancer. I have good genes? Who expected that result?

I have been testing positive on all the other types of tests for one Medical problem or another. Finally got a nice negative test result. ๐Ÿ‘ฝ


Glenn’s Genetics and Cyberknife

Cyberknife is the brand name of the radiation system that is being used to give me SBRT radiation treatment at St Lukes in Milwaukee. There is a 2 cm tumor in my right lung that is being burned out with intense pinpoint focused radiation consisting of three treatments. The radiation surgeon originally scheduled 5 treatments but everything worked well so I will only need 3 treatments at a higher concentration.

I was mildly incorrect about some of the terminology on past posts because I was given incorrect information by some of the people explaining the procedure . They were simply confused on the exact name of equipment and treatments. The actual radiation surgeon seems to know his stuff once I understood enough to ask him accurate questions. SBRT is a relatively new procedure that has been refined for about 10 years.

I am also having genetic testing due to the high incidence of cancer in my family tree. My cousin apparently has a similar cancer right now but she does not live nearby. There is a possibility that some treatment based on genetics may be available. I am not solely relying on acupuncture for treatment.

I believe God is capable of healing me with or without human intervention. Everyone dies in time. My grandmother had two types of cancer for about 30 years before she died of old age at 94. I would like to beat her record but that may not be God’s will. Either way is acceptable to me although I would get a sense of satisfaction getting my life insurance premiums back at age 99 per the life insurance policy I have.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Psalms 23:4 KJV

Fire Tablet Review

My old Amazon kindle fire tablet finally gave up the ghost! It’s really hard to kill those things no matter how much you try. Anyways I talked my older son into getting me a brand new eight inch fire tablet with 32 GB built in memory and a 128 GB sd card. It was on sale for Prime day so it wasn’t too expensive but it was still a splurge. Prime day coincided with my birthday and I don’t know how many birthdays I have left. So I played the sympathy ploy shamelessly to get something I wanted.

These new fire tablets are sweet and the price is right. I installed the Google play store on the Amazon fire using an internet procedure even though Jeff Besos may get upset. Works great with all the Google play store apps that I use and are not available on Amazon. I am sure Jeff will still make some money on my purchases so he shouldn’t feel too bad.

I was having difficulty turning pages on a dead tree Bible because of chemo frozen fingertips so it’s very pleasant to have a quick modern tablet to use for reading again. The fire can really hold a lot of books, pictures, apps, music and video. I have nothing against paper Bibles but it’s very convenient to have a library offline and the internet at your disposal while traveling in a small compact form. I will soon be traveling for SBRT radiation treatments at least and I am willing to bet that chemo will strike again. My cancer proved resistant to the initial chemo so any new chemo will be a different type.

The fire is the only tablet I would buy for my purposes since its very economical. Alexa is fun to mess around with and it’s actually kind of practical for its voice control entertainment capabilities especially when you are making a messy meal or are doing anything else at the same time. Hope it lasts like the kindle fire tablet did for me. ๐Ÿ˜‡

Cyber Knife does not use a laser.

I will be having Cyber Knife surgery which does not use a laser. The doctor had described it as “laser” radiation. What he really wanted to say was laser like focused radiation over a small area.

The two centimeter cancer in my right lung will be burnt out using strong tightly focused radiation. A “seed” may have to be implanted first to make the radiation hit the right target and nothing else. I will hold my breath for 15 seconds during each pulse and this will take 3-5 sessions in Milwaukee. They need to be careful not to damage the heart or anything else. This almost sounds like some dates that I went on when I was much younger.