Glenn's Way
  1.  How do I find out what is being sold on Glenn’s Way?  Just follow Glenn’s Way posts via email and eventually you will find something you love being sold or given away for free.  You can also check the menu on Glenn’s Way under FREE/For Sale.
  2. What is given away for FREE on Glenn’s Way?  Free Book at Glenn’s Low Budget Tech Survival Guide.  Reviews of Sweepstakes including expensive prizes with a link to go to an easy entry page, Excellent Opinion Articles and Advice for Entertainment Purposes.
  3. What types of items are sold on Glenn’s Way?  I am planning to eventually sell primarily succulent plants, native fruit plants suitable for Wisconsin, bottle crafts and similar items.  I garden and do arts/crafts for relaxation so I naturally will develop a small surplus of these items.  Plants will only be available by pickup or shipment within the state of Wisconsin.  Other items can be shipped anywhere in the United States.  You can also contact me using the contact button on the site if you wish to advertise on this site for a fee.  Contact Glenn
  4. How do I pay for items being sold?  I only accept PayPal because it is safe.  Any item for sale will have a link to pay by PayPal.  Payment
  5. What if I wish to make a donation towards maintenance of Glenn’s Way?  If you have enjoyed this blog and wish to make a donation for upkeep of necessary items such as computers and related equipment you can make a donation by PayPal.  Donation for blog maintenance
  6. How do I ask Glenn for help?  Just click on Contact Glenn
  7. How do I buy Glenn’s books on Amazon?  Just click on Glenn’s Books for Sale .



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