My telephone dialed 911 by itself…and didn’t stop!

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Several years ago our landline phone started dialing 911 by itself at about 2 am in the morning.  Naturally the Wauwatosa police department showed up and began pounding on our door in a very loud and insistent manner.  I was asleep and dead to the world so my wife decided to answer this scary and obnoxious inquiry.  The police wanted to come in and search the apartment and would not believe my wife that no one had called.  She called me by saying “Glenn could you please come here?”.  I responded by staggering into the living room half asleep in my underwear and saying “What the hell is it now!” in a rather loud voice.  I really didn’t expect two Wauwatosa police officers to be standing there with a belligerent attitude towards me.

The police finally believed our statements that no one had dialed 911 and suggested we have our phone inspected.  I disconnected the phone and thought that would stop the calls but that was not to be the case.  Our line kept calling 911. Apparently the problem was with the phone company and not with our phone.  Thank you ATT for a fun night .  The phone company couldn’t immediately figure out what was causing the errant 911 calls so we had no phone for a few days.  I believe I had to sign some kind of paper with the police that said they didn’t need to respond from any 911 calls from our phone.

The same thing can still happen with cell phones according to what I have read so don’t be quick to judge your neighbors if the police show up at their house at night.  It could happen to you too.







“Pat Robertson links 9/11 attacks to ban on prayer and Bible reading in public … – Raw Story”

Pat Robertson links 9/11 attacks to ban on prayer and Bible reading in public … – Raw Story
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Pat Robertson is senile and mentally unstable. The 9/11 attacks were committed by fanatical religious murderers who were prepared to die for their belief system. They would have no problem killing a Christian reading his Bible. Conflict due to religious fanaticism is not unique to Islam. We have our own home grown religious terrorism from people that claim to be “Christians”. I am in favor of public Bible reading and prayer but evil people will still commit evil actions. Pat appears delusional at times and his family should consider taking some kind of action to prevent him from having more embarrassing public episodes.