KIA Soul from Russ Darrow Wauwatosa Review.

We bought a KIA Soul from Russ Darrow Wauwatosa in 2015.  It is basically a good car with some problems.

The central control console goes totally blank on rare occasions except when it is at the dealership for maintenance.  You can still drive the Soul without a radio and back up camera but it is irritating.  I telephoned an adviser at Russ Darrow Wauwatosa while the car was still under warranty and he said he would make note of the problem so that I would still be covered if the problem persisted beyond the warranty limit. How nice I thought.

Now the warranty has expired but the problem still persists on a very infrequent basis.  Of course the new Russ Darrow adviser I talked to after warranty says there is no record of the promised note so they can’t make free warranty repairs.  I suppose I just can’t trust what a Russ Darrow adviser says on the telephone.  This will be the last KIA I buy from Russ Darrow.

If you do buy a car from Russ Darrow Wauwatosa I recommend against buying the maintenance package.  The prepaid coupon book is really not that impressive and they typically send out mailed coupons that seem to be just as good for free.

The actual car maintenance service work at Russ Darrow Wauwatosa is excellent.  They saved me a significant amount of money on my brake maintenance.  I had let the brakes go far too long without maintenance and they were able to salvage the situation.

The price on the KIA Soul was right for me when I bought it and it is a sturdy little car in most respects.  It is comfortable even for someone of my size and bulk in spite of its smaller size.  It is clearly well engineered ergonomically.  Any car can have a little bit of flaky electronics but usually the warranty period will catch problems of this type.  The problem I had with the central radio/back up control console happens too inconsistently to catch easily.  It hasn’t gone blank for several months now.



Beware Flying Boards on the Road!

Nobody likes two flat tires. I was driving on I-94 and a board came flying through the air hitting my car and bouncing around underneath with a mighty rattle. One front tire went flat and the other had a very slow leak. Pretty sure other damage occurred also. 

Did you know that new Kia Soul automobiles don’t have spare tires? I never looked before I had this flat. Kia provides an emergency inflation kit with tire sealant. Limped the car back home to Hartford with the aid of the kit. Now I need to take the car to the dealer to get my tire replacement coverage. Just hope it makes it to Russ Darrow Wauwatosa without a major problem and that the Zurich emergency tire insurance I bought with the car was worth it. Might as well get all my long delayed maintenance done now too. Erie auto insurance has a $500 deductible so I hope I don’t need to use it. 

Ford Event Sweepstakes Review

Ford Tractor (Not in this Sweepstakes)

Ford Event Sweepstakes Review.  You can win $30,000 towards a new ford vehicle of your choice.  It doesn’t cost anything to enter and all you need to do is watch  sales video. If you win, just pick out your vehicle under $30,000 from the choices given.  The sweepstakes ends on January 3, 2018.  The following link will take you to the entry page:


Ford Event Sweepstakes for Ford Vehicle by your local Ford Dealer

$45,000 Sweepstakes for Ford Escape Auto by Ford Warriors in Pink…Review

High School Graduation day by my Ford Maverick with minor accident damage

Fight breast cancer and win a Ford Escape “Warriors in Pink” sweepstakes! The Ford Escape in the sweepstakes is worth about $45,000 and it doesn’t cost anything to enter. The sweepstakes ends December 31, 2017.

My grandmother had breast cancer many years ago when the survival rate was lower but she survived it. This is a great cause to help and eventually a total cure will be found. Just click on the link below to go to the entry page and while you are here take a look at the rest of my blog. Leave a comment on one of the many clever posts!

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$48,000 Sweepstakes for a new Vehicle by Ford ends 10/08/2017…Review

Our farm truck

This is a sweepstakes for a Ford vehicle of your choice under $48,000 that ends on 10/08/2017.  I chose a Super Duty.  It doesn’t cost anything to enter so why not take advantage of this free opportunity instead of letting someone else like me win?  Please leave a comment on this post about what type of vehicle you chose or if you like Ford vehicles.  Just click on the link below to go to the sweepstakes entry site and let us know what you think about the sweeps.

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$48,000 Ford Focus RS Sweepstakes by Ford Motor Company…..ends October 14, 2017…review.

My fathers old car on the farm

$48,000 Ford Focus RS Sweepstakes by Ford Motor Company…..ends October 14, 2017…review.  The Ford Focus RS does not seem like it would be worth $48,000 dollars but I suppose it could have all the extra options and car prices always seem to be going up.  I know I could sure use a a new car right now but who can’t?  A free car can always be traded in or sold so this is a no lose sweepstakes.  It would be a keeper for me. Just click on the link below to go to the the sweepstakes entry page. Let me know if you win!

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