Atheists attack Islam

“Uncle Eric goes after Islam « Why Evolution Is True”

Atheists may not have any problems when they insult Jesus but it may not be advisable to insult Muhammad in print. Most Christians simply pray for you if you slap them in the face but there are plenty of Muslims who are not as forgiving. A Christian death bed conversion is sufficient to make a person right with Jesus and his followers on earth. Atheists would be smart if they pick their fights with someone that doesn’t have the potential to shorten their lifespan dramatically since all they care about is their life on earth.


Gay marriages should only be voluntary

“Church of Scotland calls for ‘robust’ protection over gay marriage”

Forcing ministers to perform gay marriages is wrong. Government imposed fines for noncompliance are under consideration in at least one area of Europe . The current pro-gay legal climate should not be allowed to destroy the rights of religious people who disagree. Secular homosexual marriage doesn’t hurt too many people. Ancient Rome had plenty of homosexuality but Christianity thrived and eventually took over anyway. Homosexuals do not have the ethical right to impose their beliefs on religious organizations even if they have the legal system on their side.

God’s Voice

British Library Add. MS 59874 Ethiopian Bible ...
British Library Add. MS 59874 Ethiopian Bible – Matthew’s Gospel (Ge’ez script) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Some Christians claim that they hear God‘s voice directly and that God tells them what to do specifically in every aspect of their life. This belief is dangerous because it leads them to believe that they are infallible and in essence they become their own God.  Soon they begin to tell other people how to live their life and it is usually apparent that they have ulterior motives.  Pentecostal TV evangelists usually fall into this category but average Christians can also be seduced by this attractive sin.


All human beings are fallible so don’t believe the excrement that is troweled out by these misguided Christians. The basic concepts of the Bible are easily understood by reading the New Testament. People should not give up their personal freedom just because a voice in another person’s head told them they should do a specific action. Religious manipulation of other people is disgusting and you should never let it happen to you. The principles of the Bible are the only totally reliable guide for your personal life. Voices in your head may be seductive but that doesn’t mean that God is speaking directly to you.


Hatred in Religion

Religion that claims to follow the principles of Jesus in the Bible but instead promotes man made rigid dogma is personally repulsive to me.  I have encountered Christians that spew hatred at anyone they dislike and they use some misquoted minor passage in the Bible to justify their extreme venom.  These Christians are not fulfilling the great commission because they are driving people away from Christ by showing the hatred in their thoughts.

Political beliefs are a common way of expressing this type of religious hatred. I have friends that hate President Obama and other friends that hate President Bush. I suspect that actual violence would occur if they were trapped in a room together long enough. Provided no one was hurt, I might actually enjoy watching an encounter of that nature as long as I didn’t have to participate.  I guess some Christians were born stupid and they plan to die that way while they drive people away from Christ during their lifetime.