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Science vs. Christianity

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I have come to the conclusion that science is compatible with God unless you have a deliberate philosophical agenda that is based on emotions against either one.  It is possible to use philosophical atheist inspired double talk or rigid religious dogma to shut down any reasonable discussion of compatibility between God and science.  I have seen obvious weakness on both sides in that type of debate.  Ignorance of anything is never a pretty sight but combining it with a closed mind is just down right ugly.

I have talked to rabid atheists and rigid thinking Christians.  Neither type of person impresses me a lot.  Discussions between these types of people always degenerate into name calling and insults.  No meaningful dialog is possible under these conditions.

Personally I have faith in Jesus and I think that science is  a useful tool for humanity to improve its understanding of the multiverse and its own condition.  Science has the danger that it can be used in an amoral manner such as when the Nazis experimented on people.  True Christianity with faith in Jesus would prevent anyone from allowing science to degenerate to that type of evil.  Blind science by itself has proven by history that it can’t distinguish the difference between good and evil.  Degenerate forms of Christianity have been equally bad at determining what is the right thing to do in the past but these can be avoided by following the words of Jesus carefully.

We need to be sure that we have faith in the right thing so that our scientific discoveries are not used for evil philosophical purposes.  I have always favored a practical approach to any situation provided one is possible for me.  I consider debating an angry atheist or a narrow dogmatic Christian a general waste of my time even though I have to admit that I found it mildly entertaining in the past.  I don’t like debating anyone for any reason at this time in my life.  My time on this earth is limited and I can think of better things to do than engage in debate with a close minded person.  Prayer for these types of people is the only reasonable response of anyone with faith in Jesus.




Aliens vs Christianity

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Is the existence of aliens compatible with Christianity?  Recently we have discovered an unusual radio signal from space that some scientists suspect may be made by aliens.  I have read nothing in the Bible that says there is not intelligent life beyond the earth.  I have a complete faith that Jesus is true God and is capable of creating intelligent life from scratch or even starting with rocks if he wanted.  Angels and demons are both intelligent and they are not human or of earthly origin.  The Bible is sufficient for human salvation from sin and for God’s current needed revelation but the human mind is not equal to an infinite God and the Bible has a limited number of words.

Extraterrestrial intelligent life, multiple universes and things we have not thought of yet are within God’s capability to create.    Any of these things would not change my faith in Christ.

“And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.”  Revelation 11:12 KJV

“And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,” Revelation 12:7 KJV

Christianity at Work

Mr. C from the JCC

The Jerusalem Christian Center (JCC) is helping us fix some moderate basement flooding and remove an awesome ground wasp nest with multiple sites near our home.  A past homeowner had mistakenly put a lot of piled high mulch with a high border near our house.  The wasps really love this stuff judging from the size of the nests.  The mulch also collects water which eventually gets in the basement where I pump it out because our old house has no basement drain.  Mr. B and Mr. C from the JCC are good friends of ours for many years and they are doing some heavy work while dodging swarms of wasps.  I am connected to a portable Cancer Chemo pump with tubing and have a finicky  new ostomy so I am not much help with this difficult project.

One wasp nest was under some old leftover shingles so it could not be easily poisoned from above ground. I tried to soak them with poison from above without removing the shingles but this was a hopeless task.  At 2 AM I went outside with a ten foot hooked pole  and ripped off the old shingles from the wasp nest.  Guess what?  Plenty of wasps swarmed up to get me.  I did get one sting while retreating to the garage but now the nest was exposed.  After waiting for the wasps to calm down, I repeated soaking that nest with poison for a more successful result.  Unfortunately my good friends from the JCC discovered a second larger wasp nest in the bushes around our house while working on the endless mulch and Mr. C was stung once.

Looks like it’s time for another midnight wasp poisoning by Glenn.  I actually get some perverse enjoyment out of contending with a nest of wasps.  It kind of reminds me of going to some engineering classes at MSOE decades earlier.