Christian Paleontologist

Robert Bakker is a respected paleontologist who sees no conflict between science and Christianity. Neither science nor Christianity is going to go extinct. Atheists like Dawkins are living in a dream world when they say that atheism is slowly winning. Atheism offers people no reason to hope or love. Christianity has those two items covered. People are attracted to science and Christianity but are not attracted to the negative sterility of atheism. Combining good science with a Christian world view is the future. Robert Bakker is just one example of the future of science.

Attempts at destroying all religion are simply barking up the wrong tree. Atheism can only marginally survive in an artificial academic bubble but it can’t seem to gain wide spread acceptance without coercion . The old Soviet Union tried to enforce atheism in all aspects of life but was unsuccessful even with the full force of the state. Modern Russia now has plenty of religion and atheism is a weak political force.


Christianity is compatible with Science

Francis Collins is one example of an atheist turning to Christianity. Few people would argue with his scientific credentials in the field of genetics. He finds no problem integrating science and Christianity. Science does not require the scientist to be an atheist as Richard Dawkins believes.  Francis Collins is more knowledgeable than Dawkins about science and he is a Christian. I suspect that many out spoken atheists hate God and simply use science improperly to attack the religious beliefs of other people.

Dawkins views on sex abuse

Dawkins under attack for his lenient view of ‘mild’ sex abuse

Some of the articles I have read on Dawkins seem to suggest that he was sexually abused as a young person. He currently appears to make statements that are reminiscent of people with “Stockholm Syndrome”. He appears to want to justify his abusers. His hatred of religion may have been formed or influenced by his reaction to abuse. I think the sexual abuse he suffered can’t be justified for any reason even if it was done by hypocritical religious people. Dawkins current views on sex abuse would be detrimental to any society if put into public policy.