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Check out “Practical Christian Politics” on Amazon! How do Christians support good government policy or even specific political candidates? Should Christians even be concerned with the secular world or should they strictly concern themselves with saving souls for Christ? Read this book before you decide the answer to these questions.

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The ‘Great Reset”?

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Do you want your country to participate in the latest plan by the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The “Great Reset” is being supported by Prince Charles, Al Gore, John Kerry and many other influential people. Elements of this currently nebulous plan will probably be incorporated into the Biden presidency should he win.

The plan has not been completely finalized yet but it appears to be gathering steam based on what I read by MSN and Fox news outlets. Capitalism needs to be adjusted to include more socialistic elements according to the concepts currently in the Great Reset. All countries must participate and all industries need to be included for the good of our entire world. Climate change mitigation adjustments seem to be an important element of the plan. Doesn’t that sound good?

I personally think that the “Great Reset” plan for capitalism is horse dung and it should be opposed. Will people be dumb enough to participate in this new questionable cure for all the worlds problems? Capitalism does need some elements of social control even in a free society. We are not living in a world where everyone “loves his neighbor as himself”. Abuse of the average person is common due to capitalism because there are a lot of uncaring people in positions of power. The best method of social control on capitalism is the local ballot box and fair laws that are enforced equally even on people in positions of power. I did not vote for Prince Charles and company so I do not want these people controlling the laws of the United States. Do you want the World Economic Forum telling United States industry how it must function in the new normal we find ourselves in?

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real

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Should we add Trump?

Hatred of President Trump is extreme in some people.  Some unbalanced snowflakes would actually kill the President given the opportunity.  I find this mental condition to be frightening.  I don’t particularly like Trumps personal habits or some of his policies but he is not Adolf Hitler reincarnated.

Insane hatred of President Trump causes some people to become mentally unhinged and they may actually harm Trump supporters if they dare to say anything positive about Trump.  Fake news from the left in politics is absolutely real in my opinion and people that isolate their news media to left biased sources are bound to be disappointed.  I still remember the liberal reporters on election night crying when Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. These reporters had created the Fake News polls that said Hillary would win.  Guess what?  Trump won the election fairly according to our laws and the United States Constitution in spite of all the Fake News from the left biased media.  The only right way to remove Trump is to beat him fairly in an election.

I am more afraid of irrational Trump haters than I am of the policies of President Trump.  Anyone that doesn’t allow free speech by threatening violence should be legally arrested and given psychiatric help.  I certainly don’t support everything that Trump does but even he can’t do everything wrong.  I dislike both political parties because their policies don’t match what I believe is the right thing to do.

People in both political parties have human weaknesses and we live in a corrupt world.  Politics will never be squeaky clean but we should at least try to treat each other with honesty and respect.  This will probably not be a successful way to achieve greatness in politics. Telling unsubstantiated hateful lies is the norm in our country because it allows you to be successful politically.



President Trump’s SOTU Speech.


President Trump’s state of the union speech was fairly reasonable and presidential in my opinion.  I don’t agree with every policy Trump advocates but this speech was acceptable.  Some of the hero guests he pointed out were even inspirational.  The North Korean defector whose legs were amputated and used crutches to escape through China was an excellent example of this group of people.

His proposed pathway to citizenship for daca dreamers is just common sense and in line with the values of the United States.  His idea of a “Great Wall” across the southern border of the United States could be done but is not needed and would be a severe eye sore across many areas of pristine landscape.  Walls are appropriate for many border areas but drones, other technological devices and an increased number of border agents would be a more intelligent solution.  Great Walls are ugly in an open landscape, they are not cheap and they can be breached.

Changing the Afghan war rules of engagement was the appropriate thing to do.  Obama’s rules of engagement were getting Americans killed.  Wars are not won and ended by choir boys.

Trump’s personal life and harsh stupid statements do not concern me as much as the policies he advocates for our country.  Not everything Trump advocates is wrong and Democrats should work with him on areas that are clearly acceptable to anyone with some common sense.  Democratic obstruction will only cause their party to lose the next election.  If Trump stays with the tone and policy he demonstrated in this speech he will win the next presidential election no matter what the democratic party does.


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Hate Speech in Wisconsin

engelssmallA group of college students recently made a video showing their hatred of police.  Police were depicted as anti-black, pigs and were beheaded in the video.  It certainly looked like hate speech to me.  I don’t think hate speech should be totally prevented even if it is extremely vile unless it used to directly incite a riot.  We have freedom of speech in this country no matter how stupid and repulsive.  Hate speech needs to be opposed with reason and positive emotional arguments whenever it presents itself.  Suppressing any type of speech by law is a slippery slope that will backfire because whoever is in power will use those types of laws to limit their opponent’s ability to have free speech.  State resources should never be used to promote hate speech.  Hate speech can also be regulated because it is similar to shouting fire in a crowded theater.

Hate speech can come from people of any race.  Black hate speech is just as bad as Neo-Nazi hate speech and should be equally condemned.  The ability of our society to function is slowly deteriorating because we are so afraid to point out criminal black racist actions and the legal system is skewed to protect criminals of all races in many situations.  Excess political correctness is a great philosophy until someone starts looting, kills innocent people, wrecks your town and burns it to the ground.  Hate speech by students can incite violence in Wisconsin just like what has happened in other states.

The students producing the anti-police hate video have a constitutional right to produce such a video with their own money on their own time.  Were taxpayer dollars used to produce the video or was it some type of class assignment?  The university should reject and suspend any student or professor that engages in garbage of this nature using university resources.

The practical solution to any type of perceived police prejudice can only be to have a higher percentage of non-whites represented in the police force.  Hate speech against the police is not going to help anyone and it will discourage blacks from entering into police work.  Any professor that encourages anti-police or race related hate speech by students should be fired by the university because he is clearly damaging our entire society.  We need to accept the fact that people of any race are capable of being prejudiced and there is no way our society can overlook the criminal actions that result from this evil belief. Certainly professors should not teach college students to propagate hate with taxpayer dollars.