$161,200 Sweepstakes by the NRA…ending 02/28/2018..Review.

Younger me on top of a truck full of cattle feed.

This is a $161,000 sweepstakes consisting of $50,000 cash, Chevy Truck, ATV, off road stampede 900 and a trailer in prizes being put on by the NRA.  I don’t know if you like the NRA or not, but this is an excellent prize and it doesn’t cost anything to enter by the alternate method.  Personally I don’t have anything against the NRA but I am not a member of that organization.  I think people should have a right in our country to own guns provided they get proper training and can be responsible.  Self defense, recreation, collecting and hunting are legitimate reasons to own a gun.

I have used guns in the distant past for recreation and to kill farm vermin.  We gave our guns away to people who would better appreciate them and some of those people were members of the NRA.  I am too ill to have the energy to shoot anyways.  I believe that we already have sufficient gun laws in this country and I suspect that further attempts at gun control laws are merely a veiled attempt at eventual confiscation of all guns as was done in Australia and the United Kingdom.  I understand the feelings of people whose loved ones have been murdered or injured by a criminal using a gun and I have sympathy for them. I understand why some of these victims are angry at guns used for evil purposes.

Criminals using guns need to be put in prison for an appropriate length of time to prevent them from hurting more people and to rehabilitate them.  The death penalty by firing squad is appropriate for anyone that purposely murders another person while in their right mind. The death penalty won’t bring the victim back to life but it will prevent the criminal from killing someone else.

Anyways, I could use the truck and free cash so I entered the sweepstakes.  The alternate entry method cost is zero which is within my price range.  The following link will take you to the sweepstakes entry page.

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$25,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes by FURNITURELAND SOUTH …..ends December 29, 2017……Review.

Younger Judy and friend

$25,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes by FURNITURELAND SOUTH …..ends December 29, 2017……Review.  This is a nice sweeps with an easy entry for furniture plus a designer consultation.  We could really use some new furniture especially our bedroom furniture.  It would be too difficult to sell the furniture to cover any prize taxes so there would be some effective tax cost for any furniture received but it still a very good deal if you win.  Just click on the link below to go to the entry page.

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$30,000 Mustang GT Sweepstakes by Hurst…ends 11/15/2017…Review!

My fathers car.

$30,000 Mustang GT Sweepstakes by Hurst ends on 11/15/2017.  The sweepstakes prize  Ford Mustang has a little more horsepower than my old Maverick that I drove throughout high school and college.  I bet its more dependable too.  My parents bought the well used Maverick for $400 when I was 16 and it sort of lasted until I graduated from MSOE.  The emergency brake did not work, the tires were bald and the battery had to be heated up to start it in winter.  I couldn’t afford the parts to fix it. The main brakes partially failed once in downtown Milwaukee but fortunately I was able to coax it slowly back to the MSOE parking lot late at night without attracting any undue police attention or doing any damage. It was still running in 1985 so we sold it for $500 at my fathers farm auction.  At least we didn’t take loss on the deal.

Please leave a comment if you sign up for the sweeps on the link below.  I would like to know if you have any stories about cars that you would like to share.  I am always looking for guest bloggers too.

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$71,000 Bass Boat Sweepstakes ending September 18, 2017….by Costa Sunglasses…

judylittle    $71,000 Bass Boat Sweepstakes from Costa.  I am sure that Costa makes excellent sunglasses.  Unfortunately, I can’t wear sunglasses unless they fit over my regular glasses.  I don’t like contact lenses.  The Bass Boat sweepstakes prize is beautiful and I would love to own it and learn to fish for quality fish.  I have only gone fishing for bullheads and carp in the rock river during my lifetime.  I would probably end up selling this great Bass Boat to pay for the taxes and use whats left over to pay down my bills.  That is a worthy goal from my point of view.  The link below will take you to the sweepstakes page.  Leave a comment on my blog if you win!

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$35,000 Ford Mustang GT Sweepstakes…….ends May 31, 2017

oldcar…..$35,000 Ford Mustang is a good sweepstakes grand prize.  I signed up for the sweepstakes easily.  I would probably trade it in along with my Kia Soul for another car because Judy wouldn’t let me keep it but I still dream of owning it.  There are some second prizes that may interest other people but they involve traveling so I would probably pass on those.  Just click on the link below to go to the entry page.


via FireKeepers Casino 400 Ford Mustang GT Sweepstakes – Michigan International Speedway

$10,000 Cash Giveaway from Sheplers …Sweepstakes…ends August 8, 2017

glennjudyfancy  I have never shopped at Sheplers but they seem like they sell excellent boots and and clothing that I would like to own.  In addition, I would be happy to win the $10,000 sweepstakes and could put that money to good use. If you are interested just hit the link below and it will take you to the sweepstakes page.

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$45,000 Jeep with modifications Sweepstakes by RacingJunk.com ……


oldcar  This is a great sweepstakes for a sharp looking Jeep.  I always liked the Jeep line of vehicles and I can always use a new vehicle so I signed up for this sweepstakes.  Sweeps is easy entry and the prize is a $45,000 Jeep.  Hard to beat.  Just hit the link below to go to the entry page.


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$28,000 Ford EcoSport Sweepstakes…..ends May 31, 2017….by Ford/Marvel.


Truck I used to learn to drive.

…Someone once told me that FORD stands for “Fix or Repair Daily”.  Maybe true, but I learned to drive on the farm truck in this picture in about 1975.  I was slightly too young to drive.  It was quite old at the time but it ran good enough to get the work done even though it had plywood to cover the rusted out floor.  Buying pretty new trucks was not a high priority on our farm and we liked trucks that could get the job done.

I don’t know how long the Ford EcoSport in the sweepstakes will last the winner but I suspect it is worth the $28,000 price tag.  It would definitely be worth the taxes the winner needs to pay on the prize because you can always sell it.  If you want to enter this Ford/Marvel sweepstakes just click on the link below.  The cost to enter is zero so its even in my price range.

via Ford and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Ford and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Comics | Marvel.com

$22,000 Truck Sweepstakes….ends August 14, 2017 by BF Goodrich

via The BF Goodrich® Tires Sweepstakes

oldtruck This is a nice sweepstakes for an upgraded Toyota truck.  It may not run as long as our farm truck in the picture but it does look pretty.  I entered the sweepstakes.  Even if you don’t want the truck, you could always trade it in for a different vehicle or sell it.

$1,332,667 HGTV Smart Home Sweepstakes…ends June 2, 2017…

house front view
My house
Farm Truck with young me on feed bags

This sweepstakes is for a beautiful home, $100,000 cash and a Mercedes-Benz automobile.  If I won I would sell the house and car, pay my considerable debt backlog and pay the new taxes on everything. I don’t know if my real estate agent Allana handles houses in Arizona but I would ask her to take care of everything if she can.  Probably wouldn’t be much left but I would upgrade my current house and buy a truck  my wife could climb into with any remaining money.

If you would like a chance to win over one million dollars of property/cash just click on the link at the end of this blog post and fill out the form.  Let me know if you win….Hey, it doesn’t cost anything!

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