‘Blood in the water’: Dems get unexpected opening against Trump in Iowa – POLITICO

‘Blood in the water’: Dems get unexpected opening against Trump in Iowa – POLITICO shared via

These types of polls and analysis may be slanted against President Trump just like the poll prediction failures that occurred during the last presidential election. Maybe this analysis is true but I still remember the shock and horror on the faces of bewildered leftwing reporters when Hillary Clinton lost to Trump in a fair election. I’m not a big fan of everything Trump does but polls were wrong during the last election so why should I trust them in 2020?

There is not any political candidate I agree with on everything but some people say I am too disagreeable in general. Maybe. I don’t seem to fit in an exact political pigeon hole but I think Trump will win this election in spite of the biased news media so called fair reporting. Trump rallies should be permitted at this time because the BLM movement had numerous legal protests. The political process needs to be fair for everyone to produce good results.

Trump seems to excel at the political use of social media even when he is unfairly muzzled . That’s really impressive for an old goat like him. Twitter, facebook and the rest seem to have a tendency to bow to the left by finding ways to impede his access to the public square of ideas. Trump got his message out before and he will do it again. Let people read what he says and make their own comments rather than having big brother do their thinking for them.

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Is Trump Right?

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I am not a super fan of everything that President Trump does but even Trump can’t always be wrong on every issue no matter how hard he tries. I am fairly certain that Trump will not be convicted in the Political trial taking place right now in the senate because his party will vote for him as a unified block. The trial may or may not help the democratic party defeat him in 2020 but it is basically a big show that will not prove anything except that congress knows how to waste the taxpayer dollar and blow a lot of hot air around.

I agree with some of Trumps policies but much of his personal behavior may leave something to be desired. Why should Christians support or not support Trump? I personally know Christians that give almost unconditional support to anything Trump does and I know Christians that totally reject everything about Trump. I intend to write a book giving the facts about Trump from a Christian perspective. That way, when someone starts arguing with me about Trump I can simply refer them to my book and save my breath for something more constructive.

“With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 KJV

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Are MAGA hats evil?

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Some people believe that Make America Great Again hats are the Swastika of today.  I have personally talked to an agitated person with this belief for over an hour and he believed it was his moral duty to verbally and possibly physically confront anyone he saw wearing a MAGA hat.  I think that this belief is incorrect and that these people need help of some kind.  I don’t own a MAGA hat and I am not a supporter of everything Donald espouses but the MAGA hat is not the Swastika.  Donald Trump is not Hitler in spite of any attempt to demonize him.  He may be stupid and guilty of violations of the law but this has not been proven yet and even if proven would not make him as evil as Hitler.

Attacking an innocent person who is simply wearing a MAGA hat proves that the attacker has hate in his heart.  The hate speech of verbally assaulting innocent MAGA people for no cause should be a legally punishable offense called a hate crime.  Just because your side fairly lost a presidential election does not give you the right to assault people having an opposing political belief.  There is a current attempt by segments of our society to equate the Nazi party and Trump supporters.  This attempt gives mentally unbalanced people the idea that it is acceptable to use physical violence and verbal assaults to destroy the life of anyone who openly supports Trump. This is truly frightening.

The Bible is the answer to hatred of any stripe.

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Romans 12:9 NIV

“The arrogant cannot stand in your presence. You hate all who do wrong;” Psalm 5:5 NIV

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? ” Matthew 5:43-46

The Nazi party killed Jews and other people because they had hate in their heart.  The vast majority of Trump supporters are not advocating crimes against humanity and they have legitimate political beliefs that they should be allowed to express without fear.  There are dangerous fringe elements in all political parties.  Physical violence is only morally acceptable for the purpose of stopping clear evil and not for the purpose of shutting someone up because you are losing a political argument and presidential elections.


Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real

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Hatred of President Trump is extreme in some people.  Some unbalanced snowflakes would actually kill the President given the opportunity.  I find this mental condition to be frightening.  I don’t particularly like Trumps personal habits or some of his policies but he is not Adolf Hitler reincarnated.

Insane hatred of President Trump causes some people to become mentally unhinged and they may actually harm Trump supporters if they dare to say anything positive about Trump.  Fake news from the left in politics is absolutely real in my opinion and people that isolate their news media to left biased sources are bound to be disappointed.  I still remember the liberal reporters on election night crying when Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. These reporters had created the Fake News polls that said Hillary would win.  Guess what?  Trump won the election fairly according to our laws and the United States Constitution in spite of all the Fake News from the left biased media.  The only right way to remove Trump is to beat him fairly in an election.

I am more afraid of irrational Trump haters than I am of the policies of President Trump.  Anyone that doesn’t allow free speech by threatening violence should be legally arrested and given psychiatric help.  I certainly don’t support everything that Trump does but even he can’t do everything wrong.  I dislike both political parties because their policies don’t match what I believe is the right thing to do.

People in both political parties have human weaknesses and we live in a corrupt world.  Politics will never be squeaky clean but we should at least try to treat each other with honesty and respect.  This will probably not be a successful way to achieve greatness in politics. Telling unsubstantiated hateful lies is the norm in our country because it allows you to be successful politically.