Ancient Technology still gets the Job Done.

Craigslist is a source of infinite free entertainment for me.  I picked up these two obsolete TV’s with digital antennae converter boxes in Slinger for free and installed them in my garage on a rolling platform with a Roku box. They have worked great for a couple of years and only cost me the price of their electricity. The antennae picks up pretty good on the main channels and the old Roku picks up the WIFI for internet TV. All of the old electronics stand up to the temperature extremes pretty good so far. I may need to pay for TV disposal some day but I think I may find an alternative salvage method by then.

The truly ancient kindle tablets in the picture are really from the dawn of prehistory.  They can still be used in a number of ways in the garage combined with some equally prehistoric speakers. They make good clocks, weather stations, internet radios, police/fire band radios, YouTube players, Pinterest displays, book readers, movie download players, flyswatters and paperweights in a pinch. They hold out well against temperature extremes so far.

These types of old tech can provide entertainment if they continue to work. A lot of this stuff seems to run well indefinitely.


Your TV is watching you


My wife was right.  She has been saying for years that the government can use our TV to spy on us.  We have been putting on quite a show for the government people listening and watching us so I think we should get paid for our past entertainment services.  I used to get paid about $50 per hour for my time 20 years ago and I think I should get the same back pay hourly compensation for both my wife and myself.  We should also be compensated for our cat’s time.  I may be easy going but my services are not cheap.


Wikileaks leaked some secret documents that show how the intelligence agencies get this nefarious job done.  Smart phones, TV’s and other internet connected devices can be used to spy on a person in their home. I would like to think that a search warrant would be needed first but there are no guarantees in my opinion. If the government can do it then I suspect that hackers and other criminals will also use this capability for illegal purposes.  Even Mark Zuckerberg was caught putting masking tape over the camera on his computer and you would think that he might know more about the situation than the average person.

My policy is that I’m good with all that.  In fact, I feel kind of valuable just knowing that someone considers my life worth spying on.  It might be pretty boring watching me so I don’t know why someone would want to do it. It doesn’t really do any good to hide anything about yourself because everything always becomes public eventually anyways if someone wants to make it public using the internet. It is difficult to threaten a person with public ridicule if they just don’t care what anybody thinks. I do care a little what people think about me just not that much.  Rich people with something to hide may have a different view of the situation.Politicians would really need to live in fear.  So if you can’t stop it you might as well look at the positive aspects.